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  1. Hi @Alistair Skewes memory reasons? Surely if you keep to one or two leagues the gmae has the capacity to keep up with adding more than one manager?
  2. Why cant we add a new manager in the touch versions when they are £30 game, well the one on switch is, the tab is there but blacked out and the game is not too different to pc version!!!!!! Really aggravating
  3. Hi there whoever this may concern, I have been a long admirer of football manager ever since i was probably a kid im now 29. I have bought football manager on pc/laptop every year it came out then ever since it has been on mobile i have bought it. Long story short i have 2020 version on my mobile and nintendo switch, now i have read that you cant add a manager on touch for some unknown reason i understand on mobile because its simplified a hell of a lot and alot cheaper. The switch verison i have now is basically exactly the same as the pc version minus some minor things and i know my way round football manager believe me lol, i do not understand why the tab for’add a manager’ is there on the switch bersion on my game but i cant press it it os blanked out, why? Why is it there if i cannot use it....WHY???? It is uinfuriating when it adds a fun element to the game and when u want to start from the bottom but want the money, it is a £30 game!!!! Not much different to pc version at all!!!! Someone please explain or rectify it Thanks
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