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  1. FM07 was a game i revisited lately. I loved the game back in the day, but to be honest it doesn't hold up to this day in my opinion. FM13 had one of my greatest saves, because it's the only version where my local team NB Bornholm is playable in the Danish 2. Division. I took them to the Superliga, so I had alot of fun in that version, even though FM13 isn't considered a great game by most people.
  2. Out of those options FM12 seems to be the most popular. I love that version aswell, it had a nice balance between being streamlined and still having enough depth.
  3. Are you enjoying the ME in FM20 compared to FM16? I've gone back to FM18 this week and the ME seems much more varied and enjoyable compared to the ME in FM20.
  4. I'm seriously thinking about giving FM17 or FM18 a go due to the ME.
  5. Yes, FM 17 is a really good edition. FM 12 aswell.
  6. Pablo Vitti is the only talent I remember, so if anyone have some cheap wonderkids from that version, it would be much appreciated.
  7. I just started playing FM07 again after all these years and it's very simple, but also a bit hard due to the lack of features. Does anyone else play old versions of the game? And do you have any tips or tricks for FM07 in particular? Thanks in advance.
  8. I see, thanks for your reply! I actually made it work last night, but I can't install the latest patch unfortunately. I'm just happy to play the first version I ever owned again though. I haven't been following this from the start, but I will try to catch up. Always interesting to see another person playing a version you play yourself.
  9. You have to use the Resource Archiver to extract the graphics file, then delete all faces and then finally make it into a new graphics file to replace the old file. I have OCD myself, so I've had these thoughts myself. I ended up using a cutout facepack to make the game more consistent in my case.
  10. It works! Thank you for taking the time to help out.
  11. I just wanted to hear if you're running the game on a modern computer? I haven't found any ways to play FM07 on Windows 10.
  12. I downloaded your file, but even though I select it when making a new career, Faroe Islands doesn't show up as an option. It's a shame, as I'm very interested in playing in that nation. Do you have any suggestions, or could you maybe try to reupload the database you use for your save? Do you use the older database besides your file maybe?
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