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  1. Preferably eng Spain or Italy Am free most days and night since I work from home Steam Id is dirkdiggler14
  2. Thanks for the reply guys, I now know you can only offer him a contract on the first of January, it's a shame you can't persuade him to or his agent to wait till the 1st, especially when only mid table clubs are offering him a contract
  3. hello, just a quick question do you have any idea why I can't offer Eric Garcia a contract since he is leaving City on a free transfer? it seems like other clubs can offer him a contract but me. apologies if this is not the right place to ask this question I'm still pretty new here
  4. Hi guys does anyone want to start a FM save from tonight? I'm available almost every day during the week, I'm since I work from home, weekends not very often. 2 to 3 players max EPL, Serie A, LA LIGA Please drop a comment and steam ID below if you are interested. Process
  5. Game: (FM20) Type of Game: (Career) Age: (32) Timezone: (GMT London UK) When can you play: (Anytime) Steam Username: dirkdiggler14
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