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  1. So I'm in a brilliant Leeds save 5 seasons in. Season1 Won english championship Season2 13th league pos, won league cup Season3 7th league pos, won euro cup ii Season4 6th league pos, won europa league, fa cup runner up, super cup runner-up. Season5 just started season. Played the game as hard and realistic as possible. #Zero coaching badges/sunday league football (managers reputation - attributes of 1/20) #Small 14,000 player database #No in game editer allowed/player attribute masking. #My own tactic, not some coppied wonder tactic ( like 42121 for instance) #Never save/reload Yet I check the leader board and to my horror my save is only 112,000 of all time lmao! There's no way there has been 112,000 better but honest saves out there? Am I right in thinking that anyone in the top 100 at very least is a cheat or has save reloaded atleast once in there career? Also why has nothing been done to counter this and reward honest loyal players such as myself.
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