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  1. Hi, I’m having an issue where a very high quantity of the newgens are all bald in the 3D match engine. Their associated avatars often have hair and when I check the editor, it’s stating they have hair colours attached but when I play games, they are all running around like jonjo shelvey. I have at least 5 of these players in my current squad with this issue. can anyone help?
  2. I realise this is a really old thread but could anyone shed any more light on this? I’m trying to find the xml files mentioned here but I’m not sure where to look. My graphics folder is just full of kits and facepacks but can’t find anything about the buttons mentioned above. ive added new kits to a team which don’t match the away text bar colours so I’m hoping to change them within my FM21 save.
  3. He’s possibly the best regen I’ve ever had in my years of FM (statistically) but I feel I’m not getting the best out of him. My team is most successful using cerber v4 and I play him as the SS. should I sell my 31yr old Lautaro Martinez to allow me to play this guy as the AF? Tough decisions...
  4. Hi mate, TFF has answered this one before earlier in the pages. If I remember right it’s just something to do with how they compare the ratings amongst other positions. It’s not that they are playing particularly badly, it’s just how the game is rating them amongst other performers. (I think, sorry this was discussed quite a while ago and my memory isn’t great). basically I remember the answer being “don’t worry about it too much”. Personally, I just keep an eye on their passing stats and if they are missing loads of passes and crosses, I’ll sub them out but this isn’t very often.
  5. Ok I’m interested to hear from as many people as possible on here:- what are the 3 formations / tactics you set for your squad? I’ll start ————————- 1 - cerber v4 2 - annihilator 3 - raptor V4
  6. Doesn’t let me do that in Spain. Says the u19 manager controls their tactics. Tried firing him. Someone else just steps in and does the same. Seems unless I take FULL control of them, I can’t set their tactics
  7. This doesn’t seem to be an option in Spain though? Or I must be missing it (I’m using FLUTSkin if that makes any difference)
  8. Hi @Totalfootballfan and anyone else with good knowledge. Managing in Spain with Barça and I notice I can’t have the B Team or U19 team replicate the Cerber v4 tactic I use with the main squad. Ive hired an u19 manger and HOYD who both prefer 4411 formation (to get close-ish to cerber) but they are both being played 433, which wastes my wingers, AMC prospects and stops my youth fullbacks getting valuable game time learning to be Wing backs needed for cerber. Is there any anything I’m missing or that I could change to help this? I know in England you can have your reserves replicate c
  9. something I’ve found which is like to check with you guys.... I was playing with CERBER v4 for the last 3 seasons, but now I’m quite successful, teams set up very defensively against me. I had a string of poor results and was sat in 6th, so I changed to ANNIHILATOR tactic. This worked wonders and I’ve been on a major winning streak and I’m not placed 1st again in the league. however, what I’ve noted is that with ANNIHILATOR, my strikers Haaland and Mbappe are very average. They regularly have poor games and have only scored 12 goals each so far (I’m in March now)
  10. Hi @Totalfootballfan does this tactic come with preloaded instructions for free kicks? I’m finding that with both saves I’ve tried (in which the tactic itself is fantastic), I conceded SO MANY goals from free kicks being crossed in and headed in against me. ive got Jose Gimenez and Pavard as CB with Ederson in goal. Surely they should be sorting this? Or, should I alter things for free kicks or is this a ME bug etc? It’s honestly crazy that nearly every free kick on highlights against me, is a goal
  11. Ok guys I’m interested to hear, who has been your best SHADOW STRIKER that you’ve had using this amazing TFF Cerber v4 tactic? On my current save with Newcastle Ihatttren is doing decent 1st season - played 30 / 3 goals / 10 assists tell me yours...
  12. Hi @Totalfootballfan I’ve been a big fan of your tactics for a few seasons now. I just want to double check something? is this correct? ML / AML - left footed MR / AMR - right footed ive read this whole post but I’ve seen conflicting team sheets, some with -eg, Pepe as ML and some with Pepe as MR? can you clarify this for me one last time please? also, I notice on your arsenal save you play lacazette over aubameyang. What’s your reasoning for this? thanks mate!!
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