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  1. Not sure what you mean by that. The group has finished, all games have been played and in the three team mini-league, you come out second. Valencia come out top, so they qualify. That’s the standard way it’s done in real life.
  2. Yes, that’s what I’m hoping for. Only issue is, I have 2 players with only 13 months left on their contracts and they’re saying the same thing. I’ve got 7 months before clubs can approach them for a Bosman, not sure whether to risk it or just try and sell them before. I’d really rather keep them though.
  3. I have players a couple of years away from contract expiry because of the interest being shown in them from other clubs. Is there anything I can do or say to them that will change their minds? I am managing Dortmund, our club reputation is at the maximum. Not sure how to resolve this?
  4. This doesn’t always work, it’s a bit hit and miss.
  5. I’ve always had difficulty in getting players who play in the ‘number 10’ position between midfielders and strikers to get consistently good average ratings. It’s never mattered whether they were an attacking mid, advanced playmaker, shadow striker etc, they’ve always struggled to average much above 7.10 or so. It’s been the case with every team I’ve ever managed. In my current game, I’m Dortmund, won the league 3 years in a row, generally getting good average ratings from most first teamers. I have Phil Foden, who’s rated as being brilliant (he’s now 24) and his average rating for the current season is 6.95. For last season, he managed 7.12. For his country this season, he’s averaging 7.97 haha. Can’t get him much higher than 7.10 no matter what I do. And this has always happened with AMers who play “in the hole”.
  6. Is there any way of fixing this? I’ll give some examples.... 1) when defending a corner, my team often clears the ball and then they counter attack with maybe 3 of my players breaking downfield with only 2 opposition defenders who stayed back. So we have a 3-on-2 situation and it’s very easy to draw a defender, pass it onto the next team mate, who repeats the trick to then put his other team mate through one-on-one with the keeper. But for whatever reason, they either don’t play the right pass or they try to but can’t miss out the defender, who blocks the pass etc. It’s so infuriating. 2) My strikers will get the ball to the side of goal, there’s a very low percentage chance of scoring with a shot but an easy ball played across the face of goal will give their strike partner an open goal and an easy tap-in. Yet the player on the ball tries the shot, which is inevitably saved or missed. These are things which happen almost ALL the time and it’s infuriating. There are other examples which I can’t think of right now, but you’ll know the kind of things I’m talking about. And it happens with basically whatever players are playing, it’s not just a specific player or two, who may lack game intelligence or decision-making skills. Is there any way of fixing this extremely unrealistic aspect of the game? Cheers.
  7. That’s true to a point but if we’re talking about realism, then a conversation would be had before actual contract and wage negotiations happen, to establish the role on offer and how the candidate feels about that role - if they’re keen, you start talking money. If not, you end the talks there. That would be realistic, but I don’t see that happen in FM 2020.
  8. I hear you but the problem is, I’m managing a relatively small club so while there are loads of staff out there, good ones who’ll join my club are harder to find because they’re often already at a bigger club and don’t want to move. I am able to find a few who are good enough and happy to discuss terms, but I have no way of knowing how open they are to doing a different role to their first choice and of course, if they’re not keen, they get annoyed and won’t discuss terms again for a while. Not having the interest level visible is a backwards step and causes a lot of wasted time. My main thing was to clarify that it is indeed not visible, rather than me just being blind and not seeing it. Thanks to all for their contributions.
  9. Yeah, I’ve seen that but during negotiations, I’ve seen the circle green and they still seem to take offence at me offering them one of the roles that it says they’re suited for.
  10. Thanks for the reply Hovis. Yeah, I do that, my main issue is where I want to appoint someone who shows us as being able to be a scout as well as a DOF, for example. I might want him as a scout, so I change the job to scout. On older versions of the game, it had a viable level of interest and sometimes this would change when you change the job role you’re offering. Seems like FM 2020 doesn’t have this and therefore, the only way I know I’d they’d take the role is when they either accept, negotiate or turn me down outright - and this is the frustration because then, they won’t negotiate again until they’ve stopped being angry at the breakdown of talks.
  11. My main concern is when I am offering people roles in my under 23 and under 18 squad, rather than the first team squad. In FM 2018, when you changed it from Goalkeeper coach to “under 23s Goalkeeper coach” (for example), their interest in the role would often change from “very interested” to “dubious” or “unsure”. On FM 2020, unless I am mistaken, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere which shows you what level of interest or happiness the person has in the role (or level of role) you’re offering them - that’s what I am looking for help with - am I being blind or does the game actually not give you any indication of their interest in the role?
  12. I was just wondering, in FM 2020 when you’re negotiating a contract to sign a staff member (coach, scout etc) from another club, is there a clear way to know how interested or otherwise they are in what you’re offering them? In previous versions of the game, it would tell you with a description (eg extremely interested, dubious, no interest at all etc) but I can’t see this with FM 2020. I can see the bit on the left where it says ‘staff roles’ but this has not corresponded with what happens when I have offered people jobs in their favoured role. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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