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  1. If it’s anything like fm20 I wouldn’t even bother, I got an u23 team created on 2 or 3 saves and they never got an invite to play in the league, just played friendlies every season and awful for player development with 0 competitive matches. Hoping it’s fixed for 21 when I start my Hartlepool save with the last update.
  2. I tried a 6 times or so the first time once it was about 15 seconds longer but the rest were all the same give or take half a second or so and again a few weeks later and got the same time. Each time laptop was in high performance mode (it always is) fresh restart no other programs running, full battery and plugged in was pretty consistent around the 2.49/50 mark even this time when I got the massive reduction in times I triple checked every setting and ran benchmark a 3 times getting 2.25 each time, I would expect a consistent performance though from a new machine with only games and launcher
  3. The benchmarks would suggest otherwise, I’m not talking about a few seconds that could be explained by other factors. Benchmark A saw an improvement of 24 seconds and B was 3m21s. I saw an instant improvement on all games and general performance of the laptop after the ram upgrade but those gains must be explained by something else? any suggestions other than the blanket statement that over the thousands of laptop and desktop configurations 8gb of ram in any format is more than enough?
  4. So can a dev confirm that going from single channel 8gb ram to dual channel 16gb ram has 0 effect cos if so I just bought some magic ram
  5. I saw massive gains going from 8gb to 16gb, windows 10 computers use 40% of 8gb just in idle leaving just over 4gb to run the game, definitely not enough these days. is the 8gb single or dual channel? As in 1 stick or 2 x 4gb? I think there’s a few different factors which means you shouldn’t automatically dismiss a ram upgrade as having no impact on processing times. im definitely not saying you will 100% see massive gains however it’s definitely worth researching because there’s also a chance you will see an improvement.
  6. Yeah I get you that’s why I explained the issue with ryzen underperforming in single channel so not everyone expects the same boost. Like you suggest a larger data set would be ideal but all I can say is it’s a new laptop, I have done 0 to it other than keep up to date with bios and drivers and then replaced the ram. ive seen a boost on every game I play but as that is FPS increases and stability it’s a little hard to compare to fm21 with the processing times.
  7. The difference between 8gb and 16gb? I already did that the differences were huge
  8. Would depend on what you were starting with I suppose I just upgraded mine and posted on the benchmark thread, for £70 of new ram I’d say the gains were wholly worth it!
  9. Recently upgraded the ram to dual memory 16gb (2x8gb), same speed at 3200MHz and cl from 22 originally to 20 now and the benchmark a results were interesting. Benchmark a - 2.25 Benchmark b - 10.46 Benchmark c - 14.34 Benchmark d - 30.30 - I generally see a lot of comments explaining that ram doesn’t have too much of a difference but I’d say 24 seconds and 3m21s is definitely a difference! one thing worth bearing in mind is it seems ryzen cpu’s typically seem to underperform on single channel memory and this can be boosted a fair amount by upgrading the ram
  10. Some players won’t recognise your promotion until the following season starts (pre season not first league game) so if you buy now you could end up paying higher wages to encourage players to move to a league below where you will be next season
  11. Does anyone else find the problem just goes away after a few months? If I try talk to the player I’d say there’s a 50/50 chance he will take it badly, request transfers etc but if I just decline to talk to him I might have some players wanting to discuss it, I just ignore them too. After half a season to a season and a couple more trophies in the bag they are generally happy to sign a new contract despite not playing more games or me having done a single thing to try sort out the unhappiness.
  12. It takes a while for the club reputation to match Barca, Madrid etc, I’ve had players get unsettled by clubs I’ve beat 3 years in a row in the champions league and the honest answer is until you have had 5-10 years of sustained success and basically winning the champions league every season than the traditional biggest clubs will always be more appealing. I generally just make sure I have no release clauses and ask for the biggest amount of money I can + 40% of next sale usually scares them off. They can keep coming back with bigger and bigger bids though so just be wary if you aren’t a huge c
  13. Didn’t Wrexham just get investment from Ryan Reynolds for a couple million? Next years game with Wrexham should be a bit better financially
  14. In fm20 I had stadium problems with Hartlepool I had to play my initial champions league season at Middlesbrough then across 2 seasons of a new stadium being built I played at Sunderland for a season and Middlesbrough for a season in the end I had a new 26,000 seater stadium which was instantly too small and got into loads of debt with hardly any ticket money coming in, good times. In terms of the game being over, depends what you want to achieve from the game, I normally take Hartlepool from vanarama to champions league glory and it’s normally tough in terms of investment until you start
  15. On fm20 I won world player of the year 3 times in a row with Camavinga, he regularly finished the season with over an 8.0 rating and 1 in 2 goal contribution (g/a) so they maybe don’t win it in real life but they are definitely a whole lot worse this season along with the wide positions, I have trincao on loan from Barca playing amr with 35 goals and assists in 30 games, average rating? 7.1 First season in the premier league with Middlesbrough I’m top of the league with 3 games to go I have 9 players on average ratings on over 7 my goalkeeper is 7.2 and 2 strikers 7.3 so it’s definitely q
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