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  1. That’s how it starts one moment you have a football simulator that can replicate human decision making before you know it skynet is sending terminators with regen faces back in time
  2. So in the end it really just comes down to needing a smarter AI, my point is it really isn’t that simple to just come up with an algorithm or software capable of replicating human decision making although I’d love to be educated by the people who think it’s easy!
  3. Maybe they don’t do it because they release the best possible AI they can each year and any difficulty modes would result in easier modes being available and this being the hardest one (without being overly unrealistic) so they offer attribute hiding, fake player names, no first window and an in game editor as way to create your own levels of difficulty. If you still smash every save congratulations you’re amazing at the game and if you can’t find a new way to enjoy it that’s tough but it happens. I just find it weird that people think that they don’t do the best job possible with all the
  4. Over the course of a year I’ll play multiple different games and yeah toward the end I’ll download the editor and make things a bit harder for me. Rather than go on a forum and moan I like to use the tools available to me to change a few things. Sorry if that doesn’t fit in with your gospel of how the game should be played
  5. Again I’ll point out that once you have put hundreds or thousands of hours into anything it’s likely to be less and less of a challenge you don’t seem to understand this basic fact
  6. Oh so you want realistic? You want to take over Blackburn and maybe one season get a sniff of the premier league? Give over mate it’s a game, bet you’re a right laugh aren’t ya. I think if sports interactive just increase the wage budget, hire 2 world class coders in every position, forget a football simulation I reckon they can build a terminator in 10 years... They make a game for the majority not the minority and yes things aren’t perfect and I put that down to technology available not the effort of the people who make the game. Are you always so entitled?
  7. You know it’s possible to download an editor? Here’s an idea if the standard game is too easy pick 3 of your biggest rivals, give them a wonder kid in every position, 250 million transfer budget and top stats for the manager, add new favoured formations anything you like. I didn’t change any narrative just simply pointed out logically that AI in general is not at the level to get anywhere near a human and you started waffling on about baseball and I’m still not sure what your point was.
  8. Of course not but you are comparing a completely different sport and game, may as well talk about manager mode on fifa. also I would expect that in football with access to players all over the world from every country it’s easier to build a competitive squad than whatever ridiculous draft system baseball uses.
  9. Yeah cos I’m sure hitting a ball and running round in a circle is just as hard to replicate as 22 players on a football pitch. Silly comment.
  10. Pretty funny reading some comments on this, AI in general needs a supercomputer of processing power to beat a human and people are surprised after 10-20 years of playing they find it too easy to outwit the AI... stop asking sigames to be a world leader in artificial intelligence so it’s a bit tougher for you to win the league in a game most of us play for fun.
  11. This guy has an absolute wand of a left foot!! it feels like DFK's on the whole are down, halfway through the season and only 6 teams have scored one in the league, this guy has 4 already! His all round play so far has been really impressive 12 goals and 15 assists in 18 games,
  12. I can never make my mind up about offside trap either but if the opposing strikers are noticeably quicker than your defenders i would adjust that as well.
  13. I’m using a pretty basic laptop and 21 runs a lot better than 20, I seem able to add a few more thousand players in the database and it takes about 20% of the time to save/load all while running slightly faster and smoother than last years
  14. These are things I regularly adjust during games and more often than not can turn a goalles or losing game into a different outcome. I have just beat PSG 3-0 and 4-0 in the group stages and then Celtic gave me the best game all season leading me 2-0, changed to more direct, added get stuck in, dropped the defensive line and rescued a 2-2. I don’t really accept there should be tactics that you can start every game with and never adjust.
  15. It looks to be working for you, maybe just go higher tempo and more direct passing against the bigger teams with more technical midfield players, no point passing short if they are just going to take it off you, as much as I like short passing plays I don’t think it works too well with the counter instruction it can slow things down and give the opposition chance to get back into position.
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