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  1. For some reason, the french and dutch national teams do not show their respective player faces, yet their faces show when they are in their club. For example, Virgil van Dijk cut-out face wont display when on the Netherlands NT page, yet his face will show when on the Liverpool page. Is this a config issue?
  2. I suggest watching the following videos to get an idea of how Inter operate under Conte: Also check out this thread:
  3. I played FM20 during its free-play time on Steam and designed a few tactics. I am now on the gamepass version and have noticed I cannot import the tactics I created on the steam version as they are .fmf files whilst the gamepass version of FM20 reads tactic files as .tac files, just like the beta versions of FM. The same goes for views, shortlists etc. The gamepass version cannot read .fmf files. It is a little frustrating as I also have specific views I would like to import but I cannot. Is there any workaround for this? Or potentially an update in the future to fix this?
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