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  1. Hi @Andrew James Apologies for the delay - been away on holiday. It is immediately available all the time...it is not part of the main Barca team requests. Go to Staff in left hand panel, then click Barca B team staff in bottom right. You then get the option to request in the top panel (see screenshot) Kind regards
  2. Hi @Andrew James Not before the original request, but it happens all the time. I can ask as many times as I like, without continuing, it just never happens. I have uploaded the saved game (as have also spotted another issue with negotiating affiliate club links) - it is called "Lets go...Barca.fm" Kind regards
  3. Good morning I have tried twice to renegotiate an existing affiliation but nothing seems to occur. The club in question is Atlanta United, who are currently "Benefits for the youth setup for both teams". Both times I have negotiated for a commercial basis. The board agrees and I get the confirmation that it has been renegotiated, but the affiliation remains the same... I have uploaded the save game (as also have another different issue already being looked at) called "Lets go...Barca.fm" Kind regards
  4. Good afternoon. I am currently in charge of Barcelona, along with handling staff decisions etc with their B Team & U19 Team. I have made a board request to increase the number of coaches for the B Team, the board accepts the request...but it doesn't increase. It was on 6 coaching staff before the request, and after the request is accepted it is still on 6. They also come back with the attached message following acceptance. Can this one be fixed? Kind regards
  5. I have got round the problem with letting the assistant manager manage the international game as was a friendly. It then allowed me to play the club game as normal. Any help as to the cause of the problem would be appreciated before it happens again on a game I cannot send the assistant to.
  6. My game crashes in the same place every time - where I have an international game and club game on the same day. The Uruguay game has strange lettering instead of the player names. Finish the Uruguay game, move to the Internacional game, go to dressing room and do team talk. Click Kick Off, click Play and crash. I attach the screenshots and dmp file. I have: added exclusions into antivirus updated graphics card drivers tried with launch options -renderer_direct3D9 Any suggestions please? FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.04 12.45.49).dmp DxDiag.txt
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