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  1. I used others yes, I assumed problem was there perhaps. I might try again, maybe I tick to not use real fixtures could help perhaps?
  2. Hi, when I tried this in my save the PL season never ended up finishing (I played as United and got stuck on 36 matches while some other teams also had lower than 38). Did you ever experience this issue?
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Considering I have for now 0 experience with editing of this kind on FM I might just forget about the idea. I quickly tried to merge earlier /before even seeing your reply/, adding the nation to pool and in seeding changing from 54 to 55 on last number in the leagues and somehow all it did was not load any of the competitions in the game haha
  4. Hi maybe a dumb question but any idea when I add new nation (New State by @Timo@) if it will work properly and teams from that nation get into CL and Europa League or is it up to me to try and test? Thanks! (Same if I wanted to add Greenland but that patch I know doesn't have them in CL, which then I wonder how I can add them!) Edit: My quick test showed they don't qualify in seedings after 1st season. Any way I can add nations/leagues to qualify when I add fantasy ones? Thanks!
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