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  1. I agree with this, for example you have two central defenders, one with being really good with passing and defensive responsibilities while other always lose his man and AI create chances because of him. For example if that worse defender scores from a corner in the beginning of the match and probably throughout whole match his rating will be better even though it's not the case. Similar situation for example let's say you have two wingers and let's assume your right winger is better with creating chances and works overall better in match. Just because if he misses a penalty his rating will decrease significantly and you might think he performs like 1 rating point worse than the other winger but that's not the case if you watch the game in an extended or full mode. Own goals, simple mistakes and etc. works like this too. So rating can't be an absolute decision to judge on a player's performance I guess in general, you have to observe in-game situations more almost in every situation.
  2. I had an unemployed german save and tried to go with PILGRIMAGE 4141 (first one posted P102 EC FA) Took a job at Unterhaching. We were 19th in 3rd tier league of Germany and media prediction was 10. Took job at the end of December, before friendlies and here are results and standing at the end of the season: Second season league table (Media prediction 9th) and STC stats (Mick Gudra on loan from Hannover 96, 33 matches 31 goals and 2 assists) : Last 4 games played with new release of 4141 PILGRIMAGE (only difference is PF instead of AF I guess and Gudra still scored 5 in 3) 3 won and 1 lost in these last 4 games. I want to give it a try in 2. Bundesliga. I know we are pretty hyped with FIRE 4321 and FIRE 4312 at the moment but this tactic is very useful with the right team (might not work with an underdog or top team as it can with a sub-top or average team) and you can make your striker work like charm with this too, which people most of the time look for that here anyway, so worth trying I guess if you have a such team.
  3. Hey @Totalfootballfan , In the opening post, for individual training you recommend players to be trained on tactic's position role / duty, but only goalkeeper seems to be Sweeper Keeper - Support and it is different from tactic which uses Sweeper Keeper - Attack. Is this on purpose or you just posted it wrong ? Also regarding team talks do you think it has any significant boost to results or dealing shouts is enough and can we let assistant do the team talks ? Last, your shout post in brief suggests Show some passion when losing, get creative when drawing and praise when winning. But I find that most of the time when winning by 1 goal - demand more can have more "green" body language rather than praise (Usually depends on strength of opposition, for example if you are against a weak team, demanding more makes players focus whereas praise might fire up 2-3 players maximum, but when you are against a strong team they usually feel pressure when you demand more and most of them get fired up when praised, so I guess shouts are pretty detailed have you noticed these kind of things when testing ?)
  4. Hi @Totalfootballfan, is training intensity having any effect on development regardless of individual training. For example say we don't set any individual training and player is training only with general training or role/duty. In this case is training intensity still have any effect or is it just changing individual attribute boost increase? If it has significant boost to general training, how much does it effect (only regarding intensity). Another thing to test can be injury risk correlation with intensity. So that we can decide if it is worth using a high intensity or not. Also I'm sending you a PM to ask for another test, which is not related with this topic so it might be appropriate to ask via private.
  5. First of all thanks for all the effort you guys put in this community. I want to ask any advice on squad re-building process? Which specific attributes to look for, is scout reports reliable, can we do our search based on position/role/duties and their key attributes etc? @knap I know you pretty much test a tactic for a season and just keep on testing new ones but if you decide to play a long-term save somehow, can you explain your go to's in terms of re-building briefly? @RDF Tactics From the training guide post, I know you primarily look for physical, then mental and last technical attributes. But can you explain maybe a bit more? Which attributes you look for specifically and how you judge a player's ability generally? Thanks in advance
  6. I can't agree more. Cerber helps with it's stable defence to overachieve when you start league, which results in AI starting to play more cautious against you. When you are favourite, Cerber lacks with creating chances if you compare with Annihilator. Annihilator somehow works better with breaking opposition defence even if they play defensive as a unit, whereas Cerber usually try to exploit with set-pieces mostly. Cerber's overload is helping in these cases, but still Annihilator is slightly more effective offence-wise and also Annihilator has it's own overload tactic too anyway. Annihilator tactic set brings me more success if I am top or sub-top team in my league. But it may back-fire when you are underdog or a newly promoted team to a higher tier that season, you might concede lot and have a unstable defence even if you have good defenders in your tier. If I'm an average or poor team, I try to use Cerber in the first half of the season and latter stages I try to switch to Annihilator. This way works better for me.
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