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  1. I guess I have a number of house rules: 1. No yearly wage rises. To anyone. Ever. 2. Low contracts. I never give players more than say £80k a week, and usually keep them below £50k. I'd rather sell someone than give them a higher wage. I bump up the bonuses to help get contracts this low, which I'm happy to pay for since it means the player is contributing well. 3. Simple transfer deals. No mega complex structures to be paid over a number of years. 4. Centre backs must be at least 6'2", ideally 6'4" and above 5. No wingers. I want the width to come from the wing backs.
  2. It's also matched by Miles on Twitter. Anyone criticises the lack of cutbacks and he just says "this happens in real life too". He's right - it does happen in real life. But it doesn't happen EVERY SINGLE TIME! I never saw a cutback in my FM20 save. I get that he can't really criticise his own game, but he could be a little more honest about things. Surely he realises that the fact that people upload highlights of cutbacks to Reddit shows how stupidly rare they are!
  3. Thanks for the honest response - I appreciate it's difficult for the staff here at times since players often come here to vent and I assume it can seem like no-one has anything positive to say. I've played these games since Champ Man 00/01, and considering the hours I've had from them it's easily the best game series I've ever played. But this year has really put a downer on it all, like I say it's the first game I've had to deliberately stop playing as it's simply not fun. It's especially not really acceptable that the fixes will only come in FM2021, and that this game has been left in this state. But I realise that people higher up the chain have made these decisions and you can't do anything about them. Hopefully FM21 is an improvement. I'm not expecting perfection from these games, but some semblance of reality and some semblance that my tactics can impact a game beyond set pieces....!
  4. Yeah this game is broken. First FM I've ever thought to be not worth even bothering to play. All games have their quirks, but this one is absurd. One on ones are utterly broken Cutbacks happen absurdly rarely Set pieces are massively overpowered Long shots (particularly immediately after set pieces) are overpowered Strikers fluff chance after chance, only for full backs to volley the ball in from tight angles with ease Marking is broken Two players are constantly pressing the opposition players for no reason Yes, SI can sit back and claim "these are in line with real world stats", but if they played the game they'd see how absurd it is. You can batter the opposition game after game, creating amazing chance after amazing chance for them all to be placed straight at the goalkeeper from 6 yards out or headed softly over the bar, then either score or concede from a random long shot or a random set piece. In the vast majority of your games. I've tried to start some new saves, but get disheartened even in pre-season, when, regardless of whatever tactic I'm choosing or how I'm building the team, the first goal is from a set piece. May as well not bother trying to create moves in open play.
  5. I've copied your defensive setups, placing the best players for each role. Game 1: 0 goals conceded (one disallowed free kick against me though) Game 2: 2 goals conceded (one indirect free kick, one throw in) Game 3: 1 goal conceded (penalty) Game 4: 1 goal conceded (indirect free kick) Game 5: 1 goal conceded (penalty) Game 6: 0 goals conceded Game 7: 1 goal conceded (penalty) Your set piece tactics are definitely helping. Not only have the goals conceded from them gone down, but the number of highlights of amazing chances from set pieces miles away from the box has also gone down a lot, so thanks! That said, the game is still utterly broken. Seven games into the league season and I'm yet to concede a goal from open play (unless you count the one throw-in goal as an open play goal...). Doesn't matter how many chances you concede or create, the players will nearly always hit them straight at the goalkeeper or head them over the bar. Then score from set pieces or penalties.
  6. Trying to play pre-season games now. Game one - we score two indirect free kicks (win 2-0) Game two - we score one indirect free kick (win 2-0) Game three - 0-0 Game four - we concede two indirect free kicks (lose 2-0) And SI think this match engine is acceptable!
  7. Yup. It's just so predictable. I try and play a certain way but when your wingers cross is blocked for the 1000th time, or your striker misses his 1000th one on one chance, only for the majority of the goals to come from set pieces... What's the point?! Then you start to wonder why none of the streamers really seem to care... I just lost my last two games, three of the four goals I conceded were from set pieces. Even free kicks 40 yards out are dangerous. I'm just fed up with the game in all honesty. I keep trying to get back into playing it and every time I see free kick after free kick causing chaos in my defence. Nothing really comes from attacking moves. Unless you can win some free kicks there's no point!
  8. I hope they don't just tweak it to improve the marking - the problems go way deeper than just marking. I think at least 80-90% of free kicks played into the box are won by attackers. This is the biggest problem by far. In reality, what happens if teams play balls into the box from deep? The vast majority of the time they're headed clear by defenders. Think about it, when was the last time you saw this happen in FM? Free kicks aren't defended really, they're just missed by the attacking team, or saved by the goalkeeper, or eventually cleared after a goalmouth scramble. Never just headed out of the box by defence - you know, the thing that happens in real life most of the time! This extends to normal crosses too - your trio of 6 foot centre backs versus a midget striker. And they'll still struggle to clear the ball. These issues result in way too many shots at goal, way too many terrible headers straight over the bar, way too many goals from set pieces, and way too many crosses put away. I assume this also links to the problems with too many blocked crosses - rather than solve the problem of them being defended badly, the game instead decides to stop the crosses at source way too often. Again, in reality far more crosses make it past the full back but are then headed clear. In FM - the opposite! Most crosses from open play are blocked, but if they do make it into the box you can nearly guarantee that the attacker, no matter how outnumbered they are or how small they are, will probably win the header! Apologies for the wall of text, this game is so broken and it's infuriating that it's being left in this state.
  9. I've realised more and more that 90% of this game's issues stem from set pieces. 1) Defenders don't win anywhere near enough headers. Strikers win loads, resulting in loads of headers at goal 2) Penalties get given away loads from set pieces. I rarely see penalties given from open play, instead they're just given from nothing fouls from corners or free kicks. 3) Throw ins are more dangerous than actual attacks. For some reason defenders forget how to defend following a throw in, resulting in quick crosses from unmarked players to other unmarked players, and easy chances 4) Don't put men on the posts on corners - they'll just stand around forgetting to intercept anything or mark anyone. Any goalmouth scrambles will end up at attacker's feet as you have two players doing nothing on the posts, meaning yet more goals conceded from set pieces Honestly this game drives me mad. Just drew a game 3-3 - five goals from set pieces! And SI think this match engine is acceptable to leave as the final one for FM20...
  10. This game has me genuinely wondering if in real life loads of goals do genuinely come right after a throw in! It's not like these goals are Rory Delap long throws into the box (though some are) - a LOT come from a short throw, then a quick cross immediately after, then a goal. Even watching some of the highlights from this current EFL Cup that's going on at the moment on FM - I'd be surprised if less than 80% of the goals were from an actual attacking move and not just from a throw in / indirect free kick / penalty (often awarded for a foul on an indirect free kick or throw in!) / etc....
  11. Let me guess - the scorer was at the back post unmarked? Happens all the time. Marking is broken from set pieces.
  12. Miles played an FM game with one of the streamers. First game ends 2-1, with two goals from indirect free kicks!
  13. I see the FM streamers on Twitch etc playing, and it makes me want to go back to the game - but like you every time I try and play it I just get frustrated with the way the Match Engine is at the moment. I can live with the weird decision-making, the occasional stupid goal etc - but I can't play the game with the set pieces how they are right now. Far too many goals come from corners or indirect free kicks, it makes it impossible to tell if your tactic is actually working or not... My team is one of the worst in the league, but even when I play against teams way better than me all they can do is score from corners and free kicks. I don't mind losing the games, but how can I learn anything from a 4-0 defeat where 3 goals came from free kicks? I can't adjust my formation really, since we did fine in open play! Hopefully next year's game fixes this. I'd rather go back to the earlier patch where 1 on 1s were broken!
  14. I have to agree with the set pieces being broken I'm afraid. It's like the ME can't figure out how to let the better team score from open play, so instead they score 75% of their goals from indirect free kicks and corners. It's a shame, because the main structure of the game is great this year (as was FM19), but the match engine is probably at its worst state for a few years.... I was really hoping for another update this year, because for me this game isn't enjoyable right now (and we're in lockdown here, so I'm desperate to play it!). This isn't me complaining that I don't win games - my team is easily the worst team in the league, so I expect to lose a lot of games - but I lose these games in ways I cannot solve. Week after week I concede 1-2 set piece goals per game, but from what I see in the ME the open-play game is actually fairly even! My defenders are tall and have decent positioning etc, I've tried manually setting them, making sure all the best attributes are in each role, I've tried tight marking etc. But nothing helps - goals either come from a header from the cross, or from a few deflections and poor clearances immediately after a set piece is delivered into the box. In short - the end results of these games might look OK - i.e. I'm losing 2-0 or 3-0 to better teams - but what am I supposed to learn if my team creates just as good chances from open play as the opposition, and I'm being undone by corners time after time after time. I've tried going back to the game today after a period away, and the first two goals I concede are yet again from corners! I've exited, and sadly that'll be the last time I play Football Manager until next year's edition. SI have done brilliantly in the past, and I've been playing these games since Champ Manager 00/01. I've had nitpicks before about the games (crosses to the far post were overpowered for the last couple of years, and central play has been poor for a while now), but this is the first time I've had to stop playing the game as a result.
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