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  1. The game is definitely too easy with any kind of pressing tactic, and too hard if you try and win without a pressing tactic. With the lowest budget in Colombia I'm top of the top division after two seasons (promoted in the first). I'm barely being attacked by teams who are paying players literally 10x as much as my best players. And I am not a genius FM player, and I'm not using a downloaded tactic or using lists of wonderkids. I'm mostly signing free agents.
  2. This is a fantastic idea - it's probably more extreme than I'd like, but it's definitely going in what (for me) is the better way for the game to go. The CA/PA star ratings make a complete mockery of the rest of the game in my opinion. Why bother reading the scout reports, or looking at individual attributes to any degree. Especially for younger players - look at the PA and make a decision based on those stars alone! In older games I'd have persisted with average players because they played well, but now your mind is made up the second you see the potential of a player. People will claim it's not accurate, but it's close enough. And it leads to lazy playing - ignore anyone with low PAs, sign all the best wonderkids (who will be overwhelmingly likely to reach their potential), and dominate long term. And even if you have a youngster who puts in good performances for the youth teams, if they have a low PA you'll sell them 99.99% of the time regardless. In my ideal version of the game the complexity would still be there, just hidden a bit more from the player. And things like the fitness icons are a good step towards that I think.
  3. Really what this highlights is just how pointless player ratings have been for years in FM. Win or lose, your players are all rated fairly similarly. It tells you practically nothing useful. I'd love SI to implement a proper rating system that can actually rate players on a scale from 1-10, not from 6-7.
  4. This year the game is too easy. I'm managing a team with the lowest budget in the league, and we've just won the first half of the season (Apertura). The second half has started and we've won 4-1, 4-1, and 5-0 - against some of the best teams in the league. A friend is winning every game of his using a stupid formation. I see other people earning 3 promotions in 3 years. It's only when you're massively outclassed that your team really struggles, every other game, even if I don't win I feel like we could easily have won on another day. Right now it's so easy that it's becoming a bit boring. I want to feel like I've earned promotion, not cruise to it in the first season despite selling my best player and spending £0 on new signings.
  5. I think this is because crossing is also broken - 90% of the time my wing backs smash the ball straight into the opposition first man, which counts as a failed cross and impacts their rating. It also means there're way more corners in the game than in real life.
  6. Honestly this is something I think might be a benefit to the game too (I'm not 100% on this though!) Do we really need to know if a player is 17 or 18 or 19 in shooting? Would a move to a grading system, or hiding the attributes behind more general tiers like they've done with match fitness, be that detrimental? Less information could (counterintuitively) change the way the game works, for the better. Removal of the star ranking system for players and hiding the exact attributes would mean players have to look more at how their team actually plays game to game to see who performs better, who looks to be improving etc etc. An overhaul of the match rating system too is something I'd love to see - ditching the decimal points and moving from a 1-10 scale instead of a 6.4-6.7 scale we currently have (seriously how often do players actually get below a 6.4, it's so rare yet that's half of the scale never used! Just my thoughts on it.
  7. Column widths are broken and have been for years, I spent far too long trying to get the columns correct on the squad screen, only for the pre-match squad screen (which is slightly smaller) to **** them all up again and no matter what I tried I couldn't get them working. So the condition and heart columns are miles wide. Auto size columns breaks things even more. On the topic itself, I'm a big fan of the change to match condition in particular. Simpler doesn't always mean better, but in this case I think it does. We don't need to know if a player is 91% vs 94% fit really, do we? This change makes the same information easier to see, and is also more realistic.
  8. Regarding the overpowered Gegenpress - there will always be tactics that are more popular than others. The issue isn't even that the Gegenpress is more powerful than other formations - it's that it's more powerful seemingly regardless of what team you're using. Everyone from the amateur leagues to Real Madrid can use it seemingly with no real downsides. In real life Accrington Stanley don't Gegenpress their way to promotion every season! On FM19 I had a save with Fulham. Since they were completely outclassed in the Premier League I decided to try a defensive counter attack formation and set us up accordingly. We didn't get a win in 10, I was lucky not to get sacked, and we were adrift at the bottom of the table. In desperation I opted for a pressing formation (not knowing at that point just how overpowered the tactic was, I just needed to try something different). We immediately went on an amazing run, and ended up comfortably in mid-table. With a team that really should have been relegated or close to being relegated. It's overpowered to the extent that other tactics don't even come close. SI need to look at why every team in world football doesn't press all game, and find a way to implement it in FM. In reality using it should leave chasms of space unless your players know what they're doing, and should tire everyone out rapidly. None of these things really happen in FM - and if they do they're more than made up for by the goals you score at the other end. As for these: 1) I would say I am playing in the spirit of the game, though I have used triallists quite a lot. That said, lower league teams do use triallists a fair amount. Like above, I think SI need to look at why teams don't just use loads of triallists in place of scouting and put barriers up in the game to this. 2) I've played since the CM 00/01 days, but I definitely wouldn't consider myself a tactical genius. I rarely (if ever) win any trophies in my saves, I'm happy to get a promotion here and there and stabilise the team as best I can, winning the CL with every team isn't really my goal. 3) I am having more fun on FM21 than FM20, purely because the match engine is miles better. It's not perfect, but at least 80% of the goals aren't from set pieces anymore. I also don't mind the UI changes. There are improvements needed, but it's a positive step for me. That said, the lack of any real challenge is worrying. I want promotion to be a momentus occasion, not the formality it currently is. 4) For me it's loads of little things rather than one or two huge things. But player ratings are something that need an overhaul. The entire spectrum of 0-10.0 is barely ever seen, with all your players sitting between 6.5-6.7 unless they score or assist. It tells you nothing about the game unless a goal is scored.
  9. After a brief dip in form using tika-taka after the patch (not creating enough chances due to the full backs smashing every cross into the first defender) I moved to a more gegenpress style, but without wingers in an attempt to make it more challenging. So I'm using a 4-3-2-1. And we've immediately started destroying the opposition. Lost one game as I went down to 10 men early on, the rest I'm undefeated. And this is in the playoff group, so it's against the best teams in my league. I hammered the top team 4-1, and I'm basically now promoted to the top division in my first season. Of what was supposed to be a long term challenge. And this is using a team whose budget is the lowest in the league. The game is definitely too easy. My conspiracy theory is that SI want to make the game easy so that more people post on Twitter etc about taking amateur clubs to the Champions League trophy and advertise their game. Hopefully it's not that reason and SI can actually improve this, because winning a game that seems to want you to win isn't very fulfilling. I have had more fun languishing around in mid table season after season in a challenging game.
  10. Currently sat comfortably in third in the Colombian second division using a team predicted to finish mid table. Most games my goal isn't even threatened - I feel I'm winning games without really having to do much myself. I chose this league and team for a long-term challenge, but right now I'm on for promotion in the very first season without spending a penny, selling my best player, and trying out a new formation I made myself (based on tika-taka but edited a fair bit and positions moved around etc). I lost one in the league unluckily, the rest of the games have been absurdly comfortable. Even if I lose in the cup to higher division teams (which are still really close games) or draw a league game I'm not remotely worried by whoever I play next, as my team controls the games throughout. I'm not sure what the issue is really. Are the AI not intelligent enough, or not attacking enough? Or were their signings that much worse than the free transfers I brought in using my limited scouting resources?
  11. After some time with the game, I want to say that I am a fan of the change from a % figure for fitness to the heart system. Yes, it's slightly less accurate, but did we really need to know the exact % of a player's fitness - especially since 0-50% was basically never seen except for injuries. I feel that with the heart system is making me pay more attention to the fitness of players. You can see very quickly who is tired and who isn't, and it honestly feels a bit more realistic to just have a more general view on their fatigue. I can't say I agree with all the UI changes - the timeline is a big miss, assists seem hidden now, there's wasted space either side of the pitch on 2D, and the text commentry covers the pitch way too much. But I do in general like the move to something a little more simple. Player ratings are something similar I'd love to see have an overhaul at some point in the future. We have an entire spectrum of 0-10.0 yet every player 90% of the time is rated 6.5-6.7, unless they score or assist. The whole system is meaningless. Even a move back to removing the decimal points would be good IMO, for all the use the .1s have for players.
  12. I'm in a league I've never managed in, in a continent I've never managed in, using a foreign language I'm trying to learn as the in-game language, managing a team with no transfer budget and who had 5 first-team goalkeepers to begin with, who are located so far from the rest of the league no-one will agree friendlies with them except for the reserves. I think I've chosen a reasonable challenge already.
  13. Anyone else finding it still unsatisfyingly easy? I'm still unbeaten, have just battered a team in the division above me, and rarely give the opposition a chance. Playing a 5-2-2-1 asymmetric tika-taka based formation with a few tweaks (not a downloaded tactic, this is something I threw together that I expected to have to make changes to each game, but so far it's been absurdly good), with a team projected to finish mid-table at best. As I've said elsewhere the look and feel of the ME this year is fantastic, but unless I've just been lucky so far the challenge is non-existent...
  14. One of the FM's, I think it was FM17 but I might be wrong, was way harder than the other games, and I hated playing it as a result. I could not get anything working. Constantly lost games, the AI were ruthless. This is the complete opposite, and to be honest it's just as demotivating. I'm undefeated. I chose tika-taka but amended it a fair amount, making it asymmetrical and trying something slightly weird. And aside from a couple of tweaks in the friendlies that's all I've needed to do. Not only am I undefeated, the opposition barely get a single chance, or sometimes even a single shot at my goal! And I'm a mid-table team in a poor division. After destroying my rivals in a cup game I've stopped playing the game for now, hoping for a patch to improve the AI. I have to also say that the ME itself seems great - it's way better than last year and seems to function well, it just seems to be the AI not knowing how to attack that's the problem, so hopefully it can be a fix that doesn't ruin the ME.
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