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  1. Thanks for the reply I've just finished a season so it will be a while before any of these milestones happen again - the nonsensical press conferences are around the playoff tournaments at the end of the Apertura and Clausuras - and obviously the awards are end of season related. The Legends/Icons thing I've never had any issues with in other leagues, but I haven't played another league on FM21 so maybe it's just this game. In any case, it did work for the second division and only broke since then. If I get to these points again I'll upload a save
  2. I'm managing in Colombia, and I've noticed a number of issues with the way the game treats the Apertura and Clausura. This is my first time managing in a league like this, and it's been disappointing to see that the game struggles to work properly with leagues like this. I've already posted most of these issues in the League Specific forum, but I think some of them may be down to the way FM works, not the editor data itself. 1) Players don't get anything on their bios about winning a medal if I win the Colombian Apertura or Clausura. The club counts as having won them, I count as h
  3. The most wins/draws/losses record problem seems to be something like this: The game treats the apertura and clausera's as separate competitions for these records, i.e. if I win 14 games in the apertura, that is the record that the game remembers. However, during the season, the game seems to treat the combined table as the one that counts. So if I win 13 games in the apertura, the game then thinks I can beat the record once the clausera starts, and keeps reminding me how close I am to the record until my combined apertura and clausera wins overtake it. However, this combi
  4. I agree - I've removed this part of the comment as it was borne from frustration at that moment Makul - apoligies for my mini-rant - and thanks for the thorough response - it's good to know that most of my issues (including the most important ones) are being looked into and being fixed. The issues I'm having with the in-season top scorers / most draws etc I'll try and figure out what exactly the game is basing them on. For example I keep getting told I'm close to beating the record for draws / wins / losses in the season, but the numbers are a bit weird. If I figure anything more s
  5. I'm having more issues with the Colombian leagues: 1) The game doesn't seem to treat the top division as a title - i.e. if you check my players' bios they are not listed as having won the Clausera even though we won it last year. Checking other teams' players' bios shows the same thing - the Apertura and Clausera don't appear in their competition achievements 2) The scheduling is completely broken for the Apertura - most teams play their 20th (final) game at the same time, but there are a handful of teams still on 19 games, with the final game scheduled a month later. This means that
  6. Something that has been driving me insane is the number of goals I'm conceding from opposition goal kicks! I'm more scared if their GK has the ball than in any other part of the pitch. One kick down the pitch and their striker is in on goal. This happens from kicks from their hands as well as goal kicks I play a high (not very high) defensive line, and I've had to move a player into a covering role to try and stop it, which kind of works, but these are still happening. I think over the last season around a dozen goals have been scored against me with the goalkeeper
  7. The game is definitely too easy with any kind of pressing tactic, and too hard if you try and win without a pressing tactic. With the lowest budget in Colombia I'm top of the top division after two seasons (promoted in the first). I'm barely being attacked by teams who are paying players literally 10x as much as my best players. And I am not a genius FM player, and I'm not using a downloaded tactic or using lists of wonderkids. I'm mostly signing free agents.
  8. I have the same issue as earlier posters in the top division in Colombia The Apertura stage, some teams play only 19 of their 20 fixtures and the final one is scheduled a month later, leaving every other team with nothing to do for an entire month. Since the knockout stages only happen once this fixture is played every team then needs to cram in 6 games in two weeks, meaning the knockout fixtures take place every 2 days... It's disappointing to see people say this was an issue last year and wasn't fixed. And there will be no way of this being fixed in my save either. So i
  9. This is a fantastic idea - it's probably more extreme than I'd like, but it's definitely going in what (for me) is the better way for the game to go. The CA/PA star ratings make a complete mockery of the rest of the game in my opinion. Why bother reading the scout reports, or looking at individual attributes to any degree. Especially for younger players - look at the PA and make a decision based on those stars alone! In older games I'd have persisted with average players because they played well, but now your mind is made up the second you see the potential of a player. People
  10. Really what this highlights is just how pointless player ratings have been for years in FM. Win or lose, your players are all rated fairly similarly. It tells you practically nothing useful. I'd love SI to implement a proper rating system that can actually rate players on a scale from 1-10, not from 6-7.
  11. Colombian Second Division - the first half of the season has finished and I'm in the second half (Torneo II) - which is its own separate league. The game is still using the positions from the first half (Torneo I) for the match previews in the header bar at the top of the screen. So the game says 8th vs 1st, based on Torneo I finishes, but in Torneo II those teams are in completely different positions in the league.
  12. This year the game is too easy. I'm managing a team with the lowest budget in the league, and we've just won the first half of the season (Apertura). The second half has started and we've won 4-1, 4-1, and 5-0 - against some of the best teams in the league. A friend is winning every game of his using a stupid formation. I see other people earning 3 promotions in 3 years. It's only when you're massively outclassed that your team really struggles, every other game, even if I don't win I feel like we could easily have won on another day. Right now it's so easy that it's beco
  13. I think this is because crossing is also broken - 90% of the time my wing backs smash the ball straight into the opposition first man, which counts as a failed cross and impacts their rating. It also means there're way more corners in the game than in real life.
  14. Honestly this is something I think might be a benefit to the game too (I'm not 100% on this though!) Do we really need to know if a player is 17 or 18 or 19 in shooting? Would a move to a grading system, or hiding the attributes behind more general tiers like they've done with match fitness, be that detrimental? Less information could (counterintuitively) change the way the game works, for the better. Removal of the star ranking system for players and hiding the exact attributes would mean players have to look more at how their team actually plays game to game to see who performs bet
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