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  1. @Joep48 I think i found a fix. Just a casual FM player, i dont work for Sega or anything. In your game (even if it's the one that you tried to save) follow these steps exactly: 1.go to preferences (top right, click the "FM" button) and search for "cache" 2.uncheck "Use caching...(blah blah)" there should be only one option 3.Then save via "save game as" and save over the current save (this is important i think, i did a few tests and it only seems to work this way consistently) this seemed to work for me. @Ben Allingham I think the issue is just that cac
  2. guys, i just had a thought, to all those who have had this problem: Do you play any other games on stadia? which games do you play and how many on them do you play?
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