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  1. slightly off topic but this is rubbish i agree he hasn't pushed onto become the player he promised to be when he broke through, but the idea that its because he's into his clothes and displays a moral conscience off the pitch is the biggest load of 'yer da' nonsense.
  2. anyone gone full project youth and started the likes of saka, esr, martinelli, nelson and willock from the start? half tempted for this to be my next save.
  3. whilst off topic there is still hope for CP2077. people have forgotten that whilst not as bad as CP2077, the witcher 3 was also a buggy mess upon release in 2015. yet it was worked on, patched and is now rightfully considered probably the greatest open world rpg of all time.
  4. some of the reactions in here are the behaviour of man children ffs.
  5. have had no issue with strikers bagging this year tbh. seems much improved.
  6. this is a game that relies heavily on statistics. it drives a shed load of output from player development, to morale, transfer value, media questions, awards and so on. it's a big issue, it massively impacts the experience. I 100% agree that this game generates a lot of hyperbole from fans who love a moan but the stats and analysis being as bugged as they currently are is a genuinely big issue. a 6.1 in fm means you played like trash. having nothing to do as a defender because your team dominated the game doesn't = a 6.1.
  7. i suspect a lot of this maybe linked to the fact that since the patch a lot of the analytics are essentially broken. key tackles in a league where a human manager is operating are not registering at all. this is making the game borderline unplayable. see below threads.
  8. how much if at all do people think this might be impacting the match rating statistics which also appear to be broken this year? full backs appear to be the most affected when it comes to match ratings. pretty disastrous bug tbh. makes the game borderline unplayable.
  9. and that right there is the issue. like you said, if 6.5 is the new 7 for instance in FM then i don't think anyone would really care. but that is clearly not what is happened. as you mention the focus from the press on a player having a bad game who scores a 6.5/4 shows you that. Also check out the reports for your players when on international duty. two of mine recently registered 6.5 performances and the reports said 'was largely disappointing' and 'didn't have the best of games'.
  10. can i get some critique, feedback on the below? this is producing some exceptional defensive results, just won 1-0 away to city reducing them to 0.23 xG. but i am struggling a bit to create the chances i was experiencing in a 4-3-3- with 1 dm + 2 cms. one thing i've noted is that despite having a more adventurous role, parteys average position is usually deeper than elneny. in terms of PIs, i have the front 4 on close down more, ask tierny to stay wide and run wide with ball and ask ozil to get further forward. low crosses are on to encourage cut backs and due to the fact i
  11. thanks for this, it is super insightful. i have tried a few games with the CM(A) so far and he is certainly more involved than when in the AMC slot. picking the ball up slightly deeper in space and facing the opponent. a couple of questions. do you have your SV on attack or support? instilling creativity on the left, would you go for a playmaker in the AML position? willian and saka are doing ok jobs as winger (su) to date but they are more direct runner types who want to whip crosses in.
  12. thanks for your response! the IFat (Pepe) has been my one resounding success so far with 9 goals and 4 assists in 12 prem games. The rest however are not clicking, the IWsu being the least effective by some distance (Nelson or Willian)O. I tried Saka Wsu earlier in the season and that was equally as poor. I will see if Pepe as a Wat can add more balance to the attack without disrupting his own output. He is a natural leftie so not entirely sure. With regards to remove 'pass into space', when do you recommend using this if not at all times? My possession stats have been very high
  13. I am trying to replicate something I used to good success on FM20 but am not seeing the same level of results yet. I use a 4-2-3-1 (2 dms).... PFat IWsu AMsu IFat DMde VOLsu FBat CDde CDde WBsu I use the following team instructions. Positive, Play out from defence, Pass into space, Higher tempo, Run at Defence, Counter press, Take short kicks, Distribute to centre backs, Distribute to full backs. I have all four of my attacking players set to 'close down more'. th
  14. it was a poor screenshot on my behalf. i normally do choose a DM-D in that role. I was just seeing in that particular game where a DLP-D would infact feed ozil more but that didn't seem to be the case. ok will take this into account. he has the third highest key passes in the league this season and is top 25 in the league for chances created so maybe i was being a little hasty. the marking PI for me is all about maintaining defensive shape in a quite attacking formation and has been very good to me so far. maybe ozil isn't as much of an issue tho to me as i first thought. i
  15. cheers will try the xhaka/luiz change. i often change the dp-d to a dm-d in tougher games but never use a bp-d. i'm reluctant to lose 'pass into space' as it has worked well for me so far. my gut feel is that an AP in the ozil mould especially is probably just not a great fit for this set up and i will probably get more by using someone like saka there as a W-S. at half time in my current game v west ham at home ozil touched the ball 61 times compared to pepe's 145 times. bringing him into play is clearly the issue.
  16. I'm having a decent first season as arsenal with the below set up but I'm getting very little reward out of Ozil. 15 starts 0 goals 1 assist 7.15 rating not a horrendous rating but someone with his attributes should be doing more. Hi PIs are 'sit narrorwer, 'close down more' and 'mark specific position'. I play a split block with the front four all closing down more and the two wide players marking the opposition FBs/WBs. I feel with Ozil's low work rate this maybe detrimental for him but I'm wondering is there anything I could do to get
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