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  1. I've seen Ai liverpool lose three finals in a row I was playing as real Madrid and won 3 champions leagues out of 5, losing one to man city and the other to my rivals Atletico Madrid. Would of given up losing more than 2 in a row though to be honest mate. CL finals tend to be pot luck.
  2. I have a big soft spot for the tricky trees and I'm a QPR fan. Yeah when you know you know mate it's time to move on. This has happened to me in various saves over the years. You lose that excitement and will to win and the save becomes dull. You've done your bit for the club and city, time for a new challenge my friend.
  3. I've purchased every version since championship manager 00/01 Bought and played all the FM's but skipped FM18 & 19. I only buy the game after the final patch has been made so the game is playable. I only bought FM20 because of furlough to be honest, its decent enough but not as good and enjoyable like the older versions, the results seem somewhat random at times. Oh well I guess
  4. Are the makers of this game Liverpool fans? Started a new save with man city and noticed that Liverpool win everyone of their games 4-0 I'm 2 points behind them in the premier league and hanging in there. Using knap preachin blues vol5 and it's fantastic
  5. Hi @knap hope you're doing well Your Kashmir tactics are incredibly powerful in this years edition, thank you. Do you test your tactics by actually playing the game or using instant result or holiday mode?
  6. Yes for me it's fantastic but I play the game using only commentary because I'm ol skool.... I go 'shield wall' if I'm leading in a tough match away from home and the opposition rarely scores
  7. That's good going mate, are you using the original raptor v4 tactic or the narrow in possession one?
  8. Do you guys change tactic every season or just stick with one?
  9. That's the thing, most folk just want to 'plug & play' with a tactic, and I'm the same. I don't have the patience or energy to spend 30 minutes on each match. Cerber v4 for some bizarre reason just isn't that great for my team, I have found raptor v4 tactic (narrow in possession) far superior. Thanks @delaneytomlinson Anyway when folk do their tests are they going on holiday mode or actually playing the game? I play only commentary because I'm ol skool and I've never managed to win a champions league final convincingly, they always go to pens. The game is heavily dependent on morale and I know folk that have frozen their teams morale on 'perfect' using FMRTE, as they feel the AI can screw you over out of the blue for no fault of your own. 442 raptor v4 has been the best for me.
  10. I've never won a champions league final convincingly on this game, they always go to pens. Do you use Opposition Instructions? Do you watch the game, or only commentary? Thanks
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