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  1. Thanks @Experienced Defender i had kante and alonso suspended from one game. But from what i've noticed, with any player that i''m playing i seem to be conceding a lot recently from crosses down the flank after my FB's getting skinned, and there seems to be a lack of both possession and penetration in my games.
  2. Thank you @Experienced Defender. Really appreciate all your advice. The flank i was talking about earlier was the right wing flank. I was thinking about having both a winger on attack duty and a Wing back on defend duty. I have been including the suggestions you made but i still seem to have bad results unfortunately. I have been playing this tactic: Removed the BME and counter press against stronger opposition but had not helped. Winger, Mezzala and striker have close more often PI. DM has tight marking PI. My last three results were all losses: What i have not
  3. Thank you very much @Experienced Defender really appreciate the input! Regarding the first formation, why was the right CM role switched from Mezzala to CM attack? And i've noticed that azpilicueta struggles a bit as a IWB, perhaps a full back/wingback on defend duty could work? Although i see an issue with width as my both my winger and full back would both be wide so would i need to consider the winger role to accommodate a more wider full back?
  4. Thank you @Experienced Defender. I will try this out first and let you know how it goes. Can i ask what issues you see with setting up the tactic as you detailed above and how you would set up the tactic if you were the chelsea manager? And how you would go about adjusting the tactic in game against more compact defences and also against more difficult away teams?
  5. Thanks for the response guys, really appreciate it! @Experienced Defender I would love to see an example how you would tweak the tactic. I'm not opposed to playing sancho as a winger either, just prefer him to be more centrally involved in the play! How would you go about altering tactics mid game to break teams down? Christiansen does get game time, i think tomori is my best defender but will involve christiansen more. Actually have been conceding on both sides but more recently from Emerson's left side. Thank you @DimitrisLar, the only issue i see with playi
  6. Thanks for the input guys, really appreciate it. @Experienced Defender 1) The reason i play sancho as an IF is that i would like to see him cutting in and contributing to goals, which is not happening at the moment. My thinking was that putting him as a winger would keep him very wide and not narrower in a more possession style. I would like to see him closer to the goal with the intentionof him chipping in 10-15 goals a season hopefully. 2) Rudiger out for 9 months so the idea was to have strong pacy defenders at the back that have decent First touch and speed to stop counter at
  7. Hi there, I am currently managing Chelsea and really struggling with my tactic currently. I have been following quite a few threads and trying to work on a progressive attacking style football that i have seen mentioned in a few threads here. I could definitely use @Experienced Defender defender's help as i've been following a lot of your posts! My form has been horrendous recently and i am not creating any chances at all. I'm trying to get my forward, MEZ and inside forward to chip in with the bulk of the goals but struggling to create any chances. Whatsmore, at home, against
  8. Hi @Totalfootballfan what tactic and lineup would you recommend for Chelsea? I don't quite have the players to play wing back positions so would it affect the tactics if i pushed them back from WB to Full back support role?
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