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  1. grega2020

    my idea

    the minimum player age would be 1 year to train in primary schools 2 idea that youth candidates would exist just like a b team to play in the lowest leagues
  2. how could he transfer Hans-Dieter Flick tactics to FM 15 how could you roughly stage it? thanks
  3. I would like to develop my own tactics I don't know what to watch
  4. could make some actor for example a son of a messiah from ronald beckham
  5. with what tactics he could win the Champions League with a small club
  6. I may be interested in where I change the number of these young footballers who come to the club, for example 25 young people
  7. i would like to do tactics for football manager 2015 from Hans-Dieter Flick used by Bayern Munich.Ful I like his tactics when pressing an opponent if you could PLEASE please advise me how to make his tactics for FM 15 instructions for the team instructions for players covering thanks
  8. i hope you can help me i've been browsing and browsing for days but it doesn't find me I would like to play the tactics that the current coach of BAYERNA MUNCHNA has this tactic but for fm 15 i don't know what instructions for a player team and how to cover an opponent there when you mark
  9. yes i did as written throws me out He detected that an error may have occurred during the last attempt to access directlnput with this program, or you want to skip directlnput this time yes no
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