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  1. grega2020

    my idea

    the minimum player age would be 1 year to train in primary schools 2 idea that youth candidates would exist just like a b team to play in the lowest leagues
  2. how could he transfer Hans-Dieter Flick tactics to FM 15 how could you roughly stage it? thanks
  3. I would like to develop my own tactics I don't know what to watch
  4. with what tactics he could win the Champions League with a small club
  5. I may be interested in where I change the number of these young footballers who come to the club, for example 25 young people
  6. i would like to do tactics for football manager 2015 from Hans-Dieter Flick used by Bayern Munich.Ful I like his tactics when pressing an opponent if you could PLEASE please advise me how to make his tactics for FM 15 instructions for the team instructions for players covering thanks
  7. i hope you can help me i've been browsing and browsing for days but it doesn't find me I would like to play the tactics that the current coach of BAYERNA MUNCHNA has this tactic but for fm 15 i don't know what instructions for a player team and how to cover an opponent there when you mark
  8. but maybe anyone knows what instructions for the team and players to click to play aggressive pressing
  9. how many seasons does it take to be able to invite these Argentine clubs to earn something
  10. i wonder where i can see how much i have earned from friendly matches
  11. i'm interested in how to mark them to cover their player i really don't understand that attacker-defensive midfielder - midfielder defensive-attacker? I would like to play aggressive pressing
  12. I'm interested there when you mark a player whose cover will be what I have to check to put pressure on him any advice is welcome thanks
  13. Hello everyone Does he know this tactic, where are the instructions for the team and players for fm 15? I would have a question about how I can do greenpressing to put pressure on an opponent to make mistakes and lose balls. I WANT AGGRESSIVE PRESSURE, thank you I don't know about this video what the team instructions and player instructions have THANK YOU
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