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  1. greetings maybe you know how I can make two leagues elite division and division 1 at European competitions - the last ranked team is relegated to Division 1 - The first ranked team in Division 1 is promoted to the elite division
  2. Can anyone help me to make the league a relegation European division DIVISION 1 1 BARCELONA 2 LIVERPOOL 3 REAL MADRID 4 PSG 5 JUVENTUS 6 CHELSEA ----------------- 7 DORTMUND DIVISION 2 1 ARSENAL * PROMOTION TO THE DIVISION 2 ZENIT 3 AJAX 4 SALZBURG to relegation and advancement pretty please
  3. I just don't know how to make divisions for clubs to drop out and advance European matches
  4. i also have an idea to make a league of national champions to play only champions
  5. but can this increase reputation? can i help you too?
  6. how much money should I give them to make my sky then collapse
  7. Maybe you know how I could do this relegation contest That the club that is the last to be relegated to the second league and the club that wins the second league advances to the first league, and that CLUBS KEEP THEIR COUNTRIES - THESE LEAGUES WOULD MAKE EUROPEAN COMPETITION
  8. I don't know how much money to give elite division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 ...
  9. for the elite division I would like for the winner 2 billion
  10. how can i change that for the league
  11. Money - league Prize money - RULES I'm interested in what to increase the cash prizes I would like for the winner to have somewhere over 500,000,000 euros and a few more Why does my money scale disappear after two seasons
  12. here I am attaching a file if you can please review it and add if anything else is missing thanks GJ_D3467262-14F6-4395-B0E8-57449E1944F1.fmf
  13. I would like the winners of the division to advance to the upper divisions and for the last placed to advance to the lower divisions
  14. I'm interested in making new European leagues by relegation so that the last clubs drop out and move to a lower league - How to do that I would like the clubs to keep their country
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