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  1. creating players

    Find someone of the opposite sex and get to work. Though I think that would take longer than creating them in the editor
  2. Please keep the anti-American sentiments out of here. It's also pretty ironic, since your post has more than a few errors in it. Pot, meet kettle.
  3. [WIP] US League Pyramid

    Constructive criticism: Realistically, a every division below MLS should be geographically split. At the second tier, East/West may be enough, at the third division, you'd probably want quite a few divisions (at least 6) and below that a full compliment of divisions (8 or more). Travel costs are killer in the US, and that's something the game doesn't take into account, but a "realistic" structure should take into account. Splitting North/South is not a good idea. The geography of the US is such that North to South is about half the distance as East to West, and thus you have teams from Washington playing against teams from Maine (~3000 miles), and teams from California playing against teams from Florida (~2500 miles) when you should have teams from Maine playing against teams from Florida (~1500 miles) and teams from Washington playing against teams from California (~1000 miles). Look at how the PDL is currently set up for some insight into how lower division football is done in the US. You've completely skipped over all team in the real life second tier: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Soccer_League_(2010) Most PDL teams couldn't jump up a division. It would be far more realistic to create some expansion clubs in large metro areas that don't currently have a team, such as Atlanta (coming back in 2011) or Phoenix. Basically, this shows very little research to me. I see it in pretty much every single user created US pyramid.
  4. Editing Masters - Pyramid/Regions- is this possible?

    Set promotion places to 0 in the overall league menu and make sure the number of teams promoted from your playoff is 2, and have the SPL-2 have 2 teams relegated. The promotion/relegation playoff work independently of the promotion/relegation places you set at the "General" tab. It is possible, certainly. Seems pretty simple and straight forward. With last year's nation rules, you couldn't and would have to rely on setting regions for each division and setting the correct regional division for each club at each tier (which still would be smart), but with this years is very easy.
  5. Editing Masters - Pyramid/Regions- is this possible?

    When you have a tier with subdivisions, you can click on each subdivision within that tier and tell it directly what league to promote/relegate to.
  6. 1. I haven't been able to get this to work either. 2. Surely this is possible, just have to keep trying. I don't have a clue at the moment, but there are so many options it has to be possible. 3. I have this working. You just have to create a third stage, and use the "process results" tick box to process both into that stage. You also have to set te max league games in this stage, as well as make sure it doesn't generate fixtures.
  7. Its not for that, since you can do that with the regular rules, just don't allow for promotion and set the level and rep appropriately. The secondary divisions are for the Brazil esque stuff. They can get promoted/relegated from both the national and state divisions without one being dependent on the other.
  8. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    Ah, thanks. Probably should have done more than just skim the original post. It did mess with my search bars, but that's nothing I can't fix myself. Much obliged.
  9. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    Installing v1.5 of the advanced rules removed by ability to set clubs/division to "extinct", as well as the ability to define a competition's type (as well as search by these features). Does this happen with anyone else? I had been using a previous build without issue.
  10. Not that it matters too much, but it was actually Salvadorian and Honduran. I just imported the Salvadorian league into FM11 and am tweaking it a bit. I'll send it to you when I'm satisfied. As for your issue with the Ecuador, I don't know how to fix that. None of the leagues I created have the winners of each season play each other.
  11. I had created working Honduran and Guatemalan leagues with the advanced editor that worked nearly perfectly. The only issue was it wouldn't record winners of both the Apertura and Clausura in league history. I can give you a hand if you like. I'm currently working on some Caribbean leagues, but I'd rather have the Central American leagues represented well. If a good Apertura/Clasura were to be created, it would make creating all the others a hell of a lot easier.
  12. I've been trying to get this challenge started: My first game was in Slovenia, and was relegated with four games remaining, so I didn't bother posting. My second game was in Sweden, and I was relegated with 3 games remaining (improvement!). I then went to Iceland and was able to get my team promoted, but my first season in the top flight was a disaster, and I couldn't get a single league win. The board kept me on, but I was sacked after being mid table in the second tier in my third season. The thing was I had a terrific squad, and my successor was able to go 7-1-1 in the remaining games to get the club promoted. I'm just a horrible tactician it seems. I'm going to give it another go, and hopefully I will be able to post something on here.
  13. By looking at their attributes? CA isn't the be all end all of how good a player is. This isn't FIFA.
  14. Football Manager 2011 demo information

    Haha, took seven minutes. Sometimes soccer not being as popular here is a good thing .
  15. Football Manager 2011 demo information

    I'm American and I got it. You have to restart steam. Also, the demo doesn't show up if you search and let the drop downs try to match what you've typed, you have to literally search for "Football Manager 2011 Demo" and when you click search, it will be there. Thanks SI!