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  1. I think this is a common problem for the FM community, at least for the less experienced tacticians like me. Doesn't matter what team I am or what system Im using (althought I usually go with a really simple 4-1-4-1), team form just drops off massively between december and february. I obviously did not expect to win all games in the league (that would be really boring) but I want to know what to do to solve that mistake, cause all the seasons are the same for me. I read somewhere on the forums that when this happens its because the IA start to be more conservative to you / takes you more se
  2. I'm happy with my West Ham team (second season), the first season we qualify for Europa League because we was very strong defensively, barely conceding goals (2nd best defence in the league). The point is that the board ask me to play offensive football, and with the new signings, I think we can achieve that. We are playing like this: But we are not scoring just enough, we create few chances and still score a low rate of them. I tried dropping the defence, played the DLF in support and the IF in attack and then changed the role of Mezzalla to support, I tried with a CM(A) for
  3. Im going to start a new save - sure you guys know the difficult to find 'that' team to really have fun and pass through this hard days. So im thinking developing a style of football particulary, and it will be a 'possession + verticality' system. I already tried in Marseille and it was fun but i want some new challenges, maybe in another league. What teams can you recommend for this style? I don't want a top team, just an average or good one like Marseille.
  4. Nothing. Not capable of opening those very-low blocks.
  5. Hi all, first of all i want to clarify that english is not my native lenguage so i will try my best! Im starting third season with Marseille and I have some doubts cause I struggled a little bit in the first two seasons, mainly against teams that park the bus. I won some of that matches through screamers or set pieces, but I didn’t see too many highlights and I think I have a really good team right now. So I read some great guides here in the forums and I tried to apply them in a new system that make us really strong and challenge for trophies. I put myself a few rules to follo
  6. Some teams like City are playing with two free 8/10 in the half spaces... so my question is, how can we reflect this in FM? Maybe two Mezzalas? Thinking in a 4-3-3 (or 4-1-4-1).
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