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  1. How would you vary your attacking patterns? Through roles and duties and team instructions?
  2. Thanks! I’ll keep a close eye on my BWM and the counter press TI. I’ve dropped my LOE to try and get more cautious teams to come out and play closer to my goal but kept the counter press on incase we lose the ball. What’s your thoughts on tactical setup when playing against more bottom heavy formations? I really struggle against teams who sit in and play more cautious, which quite a lot at the moment. I’ve mainly been using OIs to close opponents down more if I can see they are effecting the game.
  3. @Experienced Defender finished my first season with Dortmund and currently 8 league games into the new season. Lost out to RB Leipzig on the last day of the season, put out in the Semi's of the cup by Wolfsburg on penalties and lost on away goals to Athletico Madrid so could have been a lot better. Currently top of the league on goal difference. Bayern seem to struggle in my game despite having a very good team. I've started watching games on sideline view. Personally it helps me a lot more than 2D to understand my games better, however I'm needing some help still and struggling with certain games and situations. 1. I really struggle against cautious 4-4-2, 3-5-2 and 5-3-2 systems. We normally create very little scoring chances and the games just pass by despite me trying to make in games changes. 2. During games I can see where the opposition are creating chances from, mostly from wing play, balls over the top. How would stop this in a game and take advance of the space the full backs/wing backs are leaving? I've tried increasing my defensive width and closing down the full backs and wingers but they still seem to be find space. 3. Do you use PI's and OI's most game? If so what common one's do you use? I've changed my tactic slightly and brought the DM up into the middle of park and changed his role to BWM hoping to give me more control. Let me know your thoughts!
  4. @KrKAlex I’d 100% agree. The most life like team I’ve played so far in FM20. I thought I could overpower their midfield with my 3 in the middle and dictate play against their 4-4-2 but the way they pressed was really impressive. Felix was a handful as well, dragging my defence all over the place.
  5. I tend to use them more on wing backs to put pressure on them so it directs the play more to the center, as most of the chances against me have came from wide play. I do like my front 3 and centre mid to be closing down rather than opposition teams have time on the ball. Yeah they are a good side. To be fair I was delighted with the result but felt we could have stopped them playing so much and we could have created more. I'm going to stick with what we've discussed and just continue to watch games more in full and comprehensive. From their I'll make tactical changes and with time and some trial and error I'll hopefully get better!
  6. So I dropped my LOE to standard but kept my higher defensive line so we were compact and removed counter press. Played Athletico Madrid away and we drew 0-0 but no idea how it finished 0-0 as they dominated the game. Really struggled against their high pressing 4-4-2. Always seemed to be on top of my guys and they were working balls out to channels with ease. I did use close down for the full backs and wingers on OI but didn't seem to help. I can see what opposition teams are doing to me but just don't know how to react to it with the correct instructions
  7. @Experienced Defender decided to give with the the second variant you mentioned and things started of great! Two games at home to Koln and Union Berlin with 7 goals being scored and the team looked like it was hitting form at the right time but I've now lost twice in the last 3 games and really struggling against teams that have 5 across the back, two WB's and 3 CD's. I hardly seem to create any clear cut chances and scoring opportunities. I've been watching in comprehensive mode but I feel like I'm struggling to make the necessary changes in match to change things. Any advice would be great as I've dropped down to 3rd in the league and got Athletico Madrid next in the knockouts of the Champions League. (Screenshot below of my games I've mentioned).
  8. I’ll stick with 2D but go with comprehensive from now on and try full mode when I’ve made any tactical changes. Just to reiterate what @KrKAlex and @Justified have said.. brilliant info and advice! Thank you 👍🏼
  9. That is something I'm very bad at.. changing two or three different things, thinking it will work out. I currently view my games on 2D and extended highlights. Would you recommend any other way of watching to analyze the games better? Apart from watching the full game of course.
  10. Really interesting to see how you have changed your roles and duties in game, when I've always focused on team instructions in game. It's an area of improvement I have to work on as I'm always worried a change which I think might be right turns out to be wrong and I concede or lose the game. I've also kept Hakimi as a FB and changed my GK to a SK Some great information btw!
  11. Definitely think I'm missing something with Hakimi as he has only contributed to 1 assist so far this season. Burki looks like he has the potential to play SK..
  12. I'll definitely give both variants a try and see how the team performs, thanks! Interesting you have changed the roles and duties slightly where I have probably been more focused on the team instructions. I did try the both DL and DR on WB but felt it left me exposed at the back as Hakimi and Guerreiro are attacking full backs. Hakimi has great pace, stamina, work rate and natural fitness but because of his attacking nature, would he possibly struggle at IWB? To be honest I've always played the keeper on a GK (Defend) role. I've never tried him as a SK, however he does have very good kicking, throwing and composure so could be worth trying him in that role? What is your approach to in game tweaks if you are being pushed back or not creating chances? I've been testing with my attacking width, approach play and my LOE and DL but still trying to find the right times to use them. I also like to close certain areas of the pitch down by closing down on the OI instructions.
  13. @Experienced Defender I'll drop the tempo and see how that goes. Very good point regarding the 8 goals I've scored from crosses, just frustrating when I can see where we are conceding but not 100% sure on how to stop it! Let's assume I've not read any of your tactical suggestions on the forum to save myself looking stupid What small tweaks would you recommend I make?
  14. Evening everyone, I'm new on here and my first post so take it easy! Just recently picked up FM20 after going into lockdown. Not played Football Manager in a number of years so it took me a while to get my head round all the new features and the depth the game now goes into. Spent a number of hours looking at @llama3 guides and also @Rashidi on YouTube along with seeing some really good information from a lot of other members in particular @Experienced Defender I decided to start a new save with Dortmund as I really enjoy the Bundesliga and the Dortmund team in real life especially now with Haaland. My tactic and style of play: I went with 4-1-2-3 as it's the formation I feel most comfortable putting together and the tactic I feel can give me the style of play I'm looking to achieve, which is pressing from the front, all forwards involved and full backs supporting to give me a number of different attacking options. I like to play short passing at a slightly higher tempo but most importantly I want my passes to be penetrating the opposition defence. I also like my keeper and back line to be playing from the back (Man City and how Pep plays is what I like to see from my team but I do also love watching a Klopp team). Positives: All my front three are chipping in with goals and assists. Reus has been the standout so far with Sancho and Haaland also being very good. As much as I love to see one striker score 40+ goals in a season I want Reus and Sancho to support Haaland with goals as well. - Combinations are starting to grow in the team and players are getting used to playing with each other. - Beat Bayern in the Super Cup, topped my Champions League group which included Chelsea, a tricky Lyon side and Atalanta and I'm currently top of the Bundesliga with Bayern off the pace at the moment. - In good form and not losing many games (screenshot below). Where I'm struggling and need help: My possession stats are the 4th worst in the league and no matter what I do can't seem to control a game with possession. I know possession doesn't mean everything but I do like to dominate the ball. - We are conceding a high number of goals from crosses as you can see from the below screenshot. - I struggle to create a number of chances in a match and a good number of my games have been saved due to a set piece or a penalty. - A big one for me is trying to understand how to use in match instructions. I really struggle understanding what instructions to use when a game is unfolding. I watch all my games on medium speed and extended highlights, have tried watching the first full 15 minutes but again I struggle. I've tried to keep my tactical setup as simple as possible as I don't want any overkill. My last 3 games are below as well along with my run of results which included a strong performance away to Bayern. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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