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  1. Custom Player Roles

    Yeah, that's the topic. I already explained in detail how I imagine such an option in there - so I'll just say PLEASE, you know it makes sense.
  2. To be fair, Stam moved to Lazio, not to Milan. But your point stands.
  3. Marlon King - come on

    Surely we should be able to release him without having to pay anything, given that it's his bloody fault and he is not a professional. EDIT: got anticipated - well if he is a free transfer that's ok
  4. Hey guys, I'm currently experimenting with this formation and I've found that my striker partnership works better with the big guy on the left (complete forward) and the shorter guy on the right (deep-lying). I originally set them up this way because I figured the deep lying has to be more technical and supportive since he's going to drop down in the hole. Aside for the goalkeeper distribution issue, is there any other reason why the big guy should be a deep-lying fw? my big guy has just scored 26 in Ligue 1 this way, working great in combination with my ML (top of the assist table, lots of crosses for the big guy's headers). Naturally the right striker netted a lot less, and I probably have to figure out the right player to put there.
  5. I love the creator and I think it's the way to go, normally I am against these "casual user" solutions, but this is genuinely better than sliders because it makes it more about football. It's more realistic in its being unrealistic because it makes you feel more like a manager, telling people "be a bloody anchor man" or shouting "real life" instructions instead of moving abstract sliders. That being said, I'm still confused over the issue of shouts not overriding sliders; to me it would make sense that whatever I shout during the game should have the power to out-rank any instructions I set before the match through the sliders, because well, I am WATCHING the bloody game and presumably my needs are more pressing now. Also, could any of you be kind enough to explain to me what I have to do to make sure the shouts still works? Where is the "line" marking my switch to sliders instead of shouts? Is it that I should never touch anything under the "advanced" section, right? but whatever is on basic is still good? thanks
  6. May I ask which attributes are important for press conferences? Is that man management? I read people mentioning the "media friendly" personality trait, but that can't be it, right?
  7. Are you sure about this? It seems reasonable as far as the "forum chatter" is concerned; but it also doesn't seem to make sense overall, it would be a let down if it does indeed work this way. I am the one who set the sliders - surely if I want to change them through shouts I would have my reasons. And just because I used the sliders in setting up the tactic, why am I not allowed to use the quicker and convenient shouts during the match?
  8. Frankly SI should have removed a long time ago this stupid thing where THEY sell your best player and then blame YOU for letting him go.
  9. I don't want to start a witch-hunt or a bad rumour, guys But surely some of you must have encountered the same thing being said here on the forums, right?
  10. Yeah, reading on the forums this thing is constantly thrown around, but I never found official confirmation. Basically, from what I understand, the shouts work with a tactic built through the tactic creator, without touching the advanced options. If, on the other hand, you build your tactic "the old way", through sliders, then the shouts supposedly have no effect during the match. This doesn't sound right to me, because it doesn't really make sense. Surely the shouts affect the sliders, but why would they not have effect just because I manually moved the sliders beforehand? Anyway, I'm just looking for a confirmation one way or the other, so that I can stop wasting time with shouts on my sliders-based tactic.
  11. Sorry guys, but I can't find an official confirmation of this anywhere. Does anybody know for sure if by tweaking a tactic with the advanced option of the sliders prevent the shouts from working during the match? I have a sliders-based tactic and I've been using sliders, but if this is true then I should really stop using them thanks
  12. The difference in closing down is very important. I noticed this during a match, I was being pinned down by the opposition, so I thought, I'll take one of my midfielders and slap it in the middle as an anchor man to try and break them up. Instead, it turned out I left a hole in midfield, because my anchor man just waited at the back leaving the opposition att mids free to build up play and run into my box. That's when I noticed that in that case a ball winning midfielder or a defensive mid. would have been more useful, and I immediately changed his role. Situation improved quickly.
  13. I'm sorry, did I understand correctly that the shouts won't work? Just because a tactic uses sliders instead of Tactic creator? Is that true?
  14. I went into my first demo game aiming to use this feature but I couldn't find. Disappointing. I wanted to be realistic so I thought, I'll impersonate Leonardo on the AC Milan bench, but I couldn't name my manager just "Leonardo" and couldn't use a nickname, so I had to put de Araujo as a name