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  1. What is working the best right now on the latest patch?
  2. So what's currently the best plug and play tactic on FM20 right now?
  3. I am using the "FM2020 Licensing and Real Name Fix File" if this makes me ineligible? However, I was also using this with my previous save and that save was showing on the Leaderboard.
  4. I have been playing FM Touch 2020 and am now thinking of buying FM 2020 Full, I am wondering if my Touch save will work with FM?
  5. Thank you. I'm wondering is this something you have come across before? It seems very odd as on Touch you cant add data files or use editor so it makes no sense for the Leaderboard not to work.
  6. Hi, I have now uploaded my save (Joshua Brady - Gremio), It's about 3 weeks after the first season had finished. Do you know how long this may take before I receive a response? Thank you Harry.
  7. I have just finished my first full season in Brazil managing Gremio and I checked the Leaderboard as I have had an impressive season (won the quadruple), however, I am nowhere to be seen and clicking "Show Yourself" does nothing. Almost as if I have never managed in Brazil. It is working fine in Uruguay with my Penarol save and fine in France and Italy, but nothing in Brazil. I have tried the "Single Season In Nation" & "Single Season In Division" and still nothing. Of course this is the Touch version so I haven't used any in-game editor or database changes as they aren't allowed.
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