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  1. Out of curiosity, I switched my view to 2D Classic today. Although this makes no sense whatsoever, I'm seeing a lot more range in terms of what happens to crosses. Some get blocked and remain in play, some find their target, some go all the way across the pitch without anybody getting a touch, some are still blocked out for corners but substantially fewer. So far I've tried this for 3 matches. In the first match I switched between 2D Classic, TV and Data Analyst views. Even in the same match, the number crosses blocked for corners shifted depending on which view I had.
  2. Sorry I never got back to you @Luke HumeI don't think I was running a custom file at the time this happened (although I am now). I did have some saved tactics but nothing beyond that.
  3. Summary: Responding to the "register players for latter stages" prompt on February 4, 2025 automatically unregisters four players from the existing squad. Description of Issue: When prompted to register players for the CL after the January window closes, my initial selection is cut from 23 to 19 players as soon as I hit "respond". The cut players do not show up as removed with the "Out" label, they are simply blank and available to register. This makes it impossible to get the squad back to what it used to be because only 3 additions/replacements can be made. When starting from the 2025-01-28 file, the bug only happens some of the time, I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing to reproduce it but holidaying until Feb 4 seems to prevent it. Steps to Reproduce: From the 2025-02-04 file, navigate to the "RB Leipzig to register players for latter stages" email and hit Respond From the 2025-01-28 file, play until February 4 and attempt to register the squad when prompted. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: CL Registration Bug 2025-01-28.fm CL Registration Bug 2025-02-04.fm
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