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  1. For those that use RAPTOR V4, any tips to improve my central midfielder pair? I mean they're good, get usually 7.0 rating each match but don't really score or assists.. I did set them specific training for their specific position but no improvement.. By the way I have been using raptor v4 for 5 seasons now with Leipzig and won 2 straight UCL for the last 2 season!
  2. Hi, Do you guys manage to have decent ratings and goals/assists with your shadow striker with Cerber v4? On all the saves I've had playing always with this tactic I never managed to get the best out of a player on that position.. Thanks!
  3. Any tips to improve the shadow striker with Cerver V4 ? Seems to be the only weakness in my team as he does not score or assist much and get average ratings..
  4. I know but when you plug in a tactic, give it at least 5 games every time, play your best team with Laca, Auba, Ozil and Pepe upfront and get a lucky draw at home after a goal via throw in or a free kick at the 88th minute against teams like Shieffield, Norwich or Newcastle... still convinced there is something wrong
  5. https://www.mediafire.com/file/jlybthlhunuqxn9/Kenneth_Francois_-_Arsenal_2020.04.18.fm/file You can find my latest Arsenal save attached. Any help with why no tactics wrks would be very helpful. Thank you guys!
  6. Just tried a new one with my latest Arsenal save : PILGRIMAGE 2341 P104 ALL CUPS Still no improvements.. Guys, there must be something wrong with my game, I tried every tactic and always the same result, no win, loads of chances but no goals.. I play with the 20.4.1 version. Help please..
  7. Many thanks for your reply guys but I Can confirm every tactic I used have made Auba & Laca looking like strikers from the local club. I'm even thinking the problem come from Steam?? There's no way with Knap's tactics I was losing against Burnley and Southampton at home, and getting battered 4-1 against Lazio with 32 shots and only 8 on target
  8. Sorry mate, I have deleted all my files.. I was really getting annoyed with not taking any pleasure at all on this opus.. I have tried almost every tactic and every time the same thing : getting a lot of chances but not a lot on target, conceding goals and goals through long balls. Getting battered against big teams and lucky to draw against rubbish teams home or away..
  9. Still no one to have a decent and consistent tactic for Arsenal ? Been trying almost every Knap's tactics and no one works...
  10. Hi, keep up the great work Knap! Been trying every tactic possible with Arsenal and none seems to give me consistency with the results.. always getting good results for 4-5 games and all of sudden getting battered by rubbish teams... If you guys been or are playing with Arsenal, could you point me toward a good and reliable tactic please?
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