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  1. morology

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    Whose alias is that though, seriously.
  2. Calling an entire race 'a sub-species' is not 'a pretty fair response' to some people abusing animals. It is the response of a blatant racist. Similarly, supporting For Britain or claiming that reggae music is 'black supremacy' and that 'you have to be black to get on Top of the Pops these days' isn't something you do unless you are, again, a massive racist. Which Morrissey has demonstrated time and again that he is. Why are you defending him?
  3. I have no idea, but how do you type "he called the Chinese a sub-species" and then try to excuse it with a "but", without realising what you're doing.
  4. Robbie making a habit of popping into threads about blatant racists to tell us that they're being unfairly treated, they're making "lots of valid points which people are too scared to say" and that we should look on Youtube for the truth. Turning into a proper cautionary tale.
  5. morology

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    I am confused, don't the people in this thread who are making a fuss about the EEA also want to remain in the single market and customs union? Because if so the EEA angle seems to be completely irrelevant.
  6. morology

    Visa payments disrupted

    Where's that thread about how nobody carries cash anymore...
  7. morology

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    You all deserve to be trolled for not recognising this one.
  8. Nawaz is just a hack who realised there was money to be made as a former muslim pushing the political correctness gone maaad angle beloved of racists. This is what I mean about the rabbithole of internet islamophobia. First it's Nawaz, maybe Sam Harris, then you're watching Sargon and Thunderfoot and The Amazing Atheist and before you know it you're convinced there must be something fundamentally wrong with muslims and you can't even talk about it without being called names by those damn SJWs. Of course you're not a nazi, you're in the middle of two nebulous extremes. It's okay to be in the middle, isn't it. That's where sensible people are. And that's how you become a racist, without ever realising that you did.
  9. He knew he would go to prison. He wanted the publicity and the free speech martyr/muslim rapist cover-up narrative and he got it. All over social media thousands of people are sharing variations of 'get rid of these scum' and they don't mean the handful of men on trial for rape, they mean muslims in general. Most people will see through it or dismiss it, but a percentage will listen and start tumbling down the rabbit hole of islamophobic content on youtube/twitter/facebook etc. and now we've got more radicalised people and a more dangerous world. I saw a comment recently from a guy whose grandfather prosecuted Dachau war crimes, and said that similar horrors could happen anywhere, anytime, if people start believing that another group of people different from them are something less than human. More savage. Inherently more inclined to do terrible things, for whatever reason. This is what Robinson and his ilk want, to dehumanise muslims in hopes of facilitating the next great horror in human history. And whenever you hear someone say, "hey I don't like the guy, but he's got a point about muslims..." think on that. Because it works. And it's really scary.
  10. morology

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    Murdering, starving and enslaving millions of people was good, actually. Buy our jam.
  11. morology

    The Great Gammon Debate

    This. You want some lovely egg yolks to dip your chips in.
  12. If Fox News runs this story, Trump will 100% take credit for it.