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  1. Sounds like he could still be banned. Apparently the substance he took was on the banned list, but his defence presented evidence that it shouldn't be and that's what UEFA are now investigating.
  2. As we're going into the transfer window it's probably a good time to request for the 4713th time that you not regurgitate every ****** rumour you read as if it's a fact.
  3. Someone's high on prawn sandwiches and smirnoff ice.
  4. As Mario Götze??
  5. Na, he needs to leave. Doesn't have the right mentality and would be a waste of wages on the bench.
  6. Emre Can's been magnificent.
  7. This is dreadful.
  8. Love Klopp, but he got it wrong tonight not playing with a striker. Time and again our attacks broke down because there was nobody to aim for and nobody running in behind. Can't see us keeping a clean sheet at Anfield, so we'll probably have to win by two clear goals.
  9. Actual ban's going to be at least six months.
  10. ****ing finally. So happy for the families. Watched a few youtube clips (yeah I know) and he just looks like Mignolet. Decent shot stopper, hesitant to come off his line. Nothing special.
  11. Agree with Origi for motm, he was excellent. No idea why dking's raging about Sakho again, he and Lovren played well. Moreno displayed his stupidity again with a two-footed lunge that could easily have gotten him sent off. The boy has no brain.