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  1. Hi, that means that if I play in Hungarian League for example during 20 years and coach the 5-6 best teams. Imagine several of my teams win UCL and EL, and Hungarian League become the first league to the UEFA coefficient, my income sponsors and tv rights won’t be increase ?
  2. Hey TFF, In your opinion, who is the best between Tielesman and Madisson to play AMC with the tactic Cerber V4 ? Madisson has the PPM "comes deep to get ball". I'm in 2021, and I play with Benfica, my first choice was Havertz (want to go only to ManCity), 2nd choice Aouar (to expensive for me, I can buy him for 105 M€ but I have only 75 m€), 3rd choise Zaniolo (want to go only to Liverpool).
  3. Hey TFF, just a big thanks. I have played FM since championship manager 98/99 (I was 8) with amazing teams Athletic club Bilbao, Parma or Juventus Since FM16 I have played with tactic I find on internet, jessautralia, knap and TFF (the GOAT). I remember in FM17, with TFF’s tactic. I played in 15 countries (every continent) in the same save with no lose during 7 years. My target is simple, build a team in buying wonderkids and have XI with CA 160+ and just 9 substitutes DC DC(loan) DR DL DM/MC MC/AMC ML MR ST with CA 145+. Top XI just plays big championship match and UCL and substitutes play every other match. Like this every players play minimum 25 matches => always 100% condition and nobody complains of game time. Cerber V4 is amazing, however ST don't score a lot. Keep you and your family safe.
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