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  1. Hey. I want to change / remove some FFP restrictions to my team but I don't know how. I know where to change transfer embargos if that's relevant. The team is Galatasaray from Turkey and they have to maintain a positive balance for a year as well as being able to register only 23 players to UEFA Europa League. Thanks Note: Removing FFP records did not help
  2. Using editor, can I change anything about a staff member's knowledge of a nation? Specifically, if I want to add a scout, does "has knowledge of" career plan under person data affect anything? Thanks.
  3. I want to remove the restriction to the number of players (currently 25). Can I change it using advanced rules editing?
  4. Hi, I want to create a cup competition where some teams enter the competition at the later stages. However the game randomizes which teams to play at first round and which teams to enter later. How to fix this?
  5. Okay I want to change my local cup competition from Turkey (Ziraat Türkiye Kupası): 1 - I want to change how many teams can get into each round. 2 - I want ALL teams from the first 5 levels to compete. (Right now it is the best 160 teams: 124 from the first 4 levels and the best 36 teams from level 5) 3 - I want to change the match number for each stage from 2 to 1. 4 - I want a (not random) seeding system where there are seeded and not seeded teams based on the level of their leagues. Is this possible? Thanks. Currently the game has 1 - Spor Toto Süper Lig (
  6. Randomly the game crashes and freezes (not a crash dump, more like "not responding"). I force quit the game but on Steam the game seems to be running, while on the task manager the game is not to be seen. Then I force quit Steam and restart it and restart Football Manager 2020 as well but it never launches. I cannot open the game unless I reboot the computer and this happened to me a couple of times. Can you help me with this issue?Note: I have a subpar computer but the quality of it is much higher than the minimum requirements. Also the game runs smoothly.
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