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  1. Hi yes it is but it's only on my friends online game. He is hosting and his is fine but mine won't let me click anything. I will attach two photos to show the difference 1. Manager, balanced and assistant manager I cannot click them. 2. Yes I have changed the job responsibilities etc but it makes no difference The top pic is the one I cannot change and the bottom pic is what it should be like as in my other games
  2. Hi I have just realised its only on me and my friends online game. He can change it but I can't. If I play single then I can change it.
  3. Training broke, can't click assistant Watch video here👆
  4. Hi on the training screen I cannot click anything, I cannot even click on assistant manager. Any udeas Thanks
  5. Hi everytime i try to load it all i get is loading new skin then goes straight back to the main screen. tried to reinstall but didnt help. Thanks
  6. Hi i was just wondering if there is anyway to speed up the processing time between matches? When there is international games it takes forever. thanks
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