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  1. I agree, it was certainly a welcome impact on this particular player but it would be nice to see it happen over time. I think it reflects real life in that a person's level of determination, or whatever, is not necessarily inherent and can fluctuate based on outside events. It would be nice for there to be a specific reason for it in future though. IRL some players decide to work harder after seeing their team-mates from the Youth teams released so I've been told.
  2. First time uploading a screenshot so bear with me! This doesn't necessarily show that it happened overnight but you can see it went from a 9 to a 17 very quickly. The news item had been overwritten as well. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/17/philnichollstrainingove.png
  3. Has anyone else had this? I had a report from one of my coaches loosely along the lines of 'recent off-field events have made this player even more determined'. On closer inspection the player in question's determination had increased from a 9 to a 17 overnight. This was even better since he was an 19 year old regen who was rated as potentially being a leading Premier League left back in future and he had also gone through two tutors without gaining a single point on his determination and falling out with both of them within a month! Just wondering what the off-field events could be? I had just recently transfer listed and sold one of my best players and I was also bidding for a leading Premier League left back at the time. It was a very welcome but random addition to my game anyhow
  4. Just started FM2012 with United and have chosen, as always, to go in with no new signings for the first year. I'm struggling with my centre midfielders though. I play two MC's with an AMR and an AML with two strikers (4-2-2-2). Scholes and Giggs just can't seem to provide anything effective in games even though I play them in their best role (deep-lying playmaker with support) and its the same for Cleverley in an advanced role. My other MC position is a ball-winning midfielder with either support or defend. Does anyone have any advice as to how to get the best out of Giggs, Scholes and Cleverley? Additionally, I'm also struggling to keep Scholes and Giggs match fit when they can't play two games in a row, could this be related to the problem?
  5. Just looked on Clarence Seedorf's profile and it says he can't get Italian citizenship because he doesn't speak basic Italian. Italian isn't one of his languages spoken. Is this true? How has he spent the last ten years or whatever in Italy without learning the language?!!
  6. Can't be too close in CA or else he would show up on the drop down menus of the DRs in the U18s. He's definitely not tutoring someone else. It must be a glitch, what a waste of a tutor!
  7. Ok ill nip this theory in the bud. I'm trying to get Gary Neville to tutor Rafael, so they're both natural DR's. And Neville doesn't show up on any of the DR players drop down menus. I'll take away his captaincy next year and see if that helps.
  8. No hes not tutoring anyone else, this is the only thing I can think of...
  9. I'm trying to get my captain to tutor one of my young players and he is not available to be selected in the drop down menu, just one of the other players in that position. Is this a glitch or has it be done on purpose this year?
  10. Who is doing this update and where is it available? Sounds exactly like what i want
  11. Will anyone be making an update where all the transfers are edited as future transfers so the 2008/09 season runs like normal before the transfers occur on 1/7/09? Other than that I tried doing future transfers earlier and found that only the name of the club where the player would be going to had remained. For instance I changed Cristiano Ronaldo's future club to Real Madrid and the transfer fee to 80000000 (£80m) and the date of the transfer as 30/6/09 but when I clicked away from his profile and came back all that had remained was that Real Madrid was the team he would be joining. Is it because I didn't change all the other date such as contract end date, wages and new role or is it something else?
  12. http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/6660/tablejune2013.jpg Probably my best season ever, at least that I can remember. Won the league (see picture) Won Champions League v Barcelona 2-1 Won FA Cup v Villa 2-1 Won World Club Cup 12-0 v Saitama (yes twelve!) Won European Super Cup 3-1 v Porto Lost League Cup on pens after 2-2 draw with Pompey Team: (First Choice on the left/second choice on the right) GK- Buffon/Foster DR- Rafael/Brown DL- Evra/Chamberlain (Regen who is about as good as Evra) DC- Richards/Ferdinand DC- Vidic/Evans MC- Carrick/Hargreaves MC- Anderson/Fletcher AMR- Ronaldo/Ljajic AML- Messi/ Nani (till Jan), Zhirkov (Jan onwards) St- Laurito/Tevez St- Rooney/Welbeck Transfers In: Richards £35m Chamberlain (regen) £16m Zhirkov (January) £32.5m Diarra (arriving in July £9.25m Transfers Out Nani £25m to Inter Tosic £10m to Bordeaux Top Goals- Ronaldo (32), Rooney (25), Laurito (23) Top rating- Ronaldo (7.59), Messi (7.55), Vidic (7.53) Despite all these things none of my players won any awards and only 2 were selected for team of the year (Buffon and Vidic). Total fix
  13. Tuncay on fm 2005 was absolutely awesome. I never signed him but everytime he played his value was at around £40m after a few seasons. Sergio Ramos and Leo Messi were nowhere near as good as they've become on fm 2006. I bought them based on real life and sold them to Championship teams after a couple of years!
  14. I agree that SI could have waited till FM10 to put in something so drastic but they've already said that the fact that on 9.2 it showed 7 stars didnt actually make them any better or worse than the coaches on 9.3 who now have 4 or 5 stars or whatever. Think of it when you do a scout report for a player and they come back with 4 or 5 stars then you usually sign them up based on the fact that they are good enough and only in special circumstances do u get players who are rated 7 stars and they are generally the very best. Its worthwhile mentioning that I've worked in the coaching departments at 2 football clubs and most coaches really do go through the motions and do bring anything special despite their technical knowledge. Its very rare that there are coaches who people talk about as absolutely great. As an idea to help people out in FM10 maybe you can send your scout or ass man out to find some great coaches for you. Ferguson did it with Steve McClaren when Brian Kidd left if you read The 90 Minute Manager by Bolchover and Brady. Seriously some people on here sound like the Yorkshire Newsreader on Soccer AM, CHANGE IS NOT GOOD!
  15. has the transfer officially happened? If you are out of the transfer window it won't say anything but once the transfer goes through on 1st of Jan or 1st of July then you will be given your compensation then I think. Although if u got him off another club instead of developing him yourself all the way through then you might not get anything for him. Just wait till the transfer goes through