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  1. cant believe it just got this guy on a free in my second season, this game is funny, the only thing that i lost out on was the fact that i had to give him a 78 milion release clasue
  2. Does it make sense to use a libero as a newly promoted side in the Bundesliga or is it a bit to optimistic and naïve?
  3. I'm currently managing Hamburg and were on track to get promoted, next season I'm thinking of cleaning ship and selling the entire team except for this particular midfielder called Amadou Onana who I have been playing as a BPD, theoretically he's good enough to play as BPD so I'm guessing he's good enough to translate to the Libero rule. I've always been interested in the libero role but have no idea how to use it in FM. Is it possible to use it in a 2 man CB partnership or can it only be used in a 3 man defence etc. Also I failed to sign my preferred free agent targets in January and I'm pred
  4. currently managing in bundesliga 2, the highest dribblesper90 stat in the whole league is at 1.2 and in my team it is just 0.98. In the bundesliga its at 1.5 and in the bpl its 2.01. its a joke, such a waste of money, totally breaks your immersion in the game.
  5. After the update the issue has become even worse. Dribbling numbers have gone even lower(max is 1.5) However this time its uniform across all leagues including the one I'm managing in .
  6. Just started my Hamburg save really enjoyed your write up. Btw what kind of transfer budget are you given in your second season? as i am also playing on no transfer first season .
  7. Haven't notice with work rate but definitely dribbling. Don't want to sacrifice my Newcastle save just to go to another save where low dribbling stats are the norm you know what i mean lol. hHghest dribbling stat per 90 in the premier league is 1.99 and 1.02 for my own team. Totally kills my immersion of the game . How many different saves have you played ?
  8. how common is this?, im thinking of starting a new save however it might be a waste of time is if this issue is the norm instead of a particular problem found in specific saves.
  9. Just started my Almeria save and I've got a very interesting defender called Juan Ibiza. He's got 16!!! Acceleration,pace and tackling. only problem is that hes got 6 determination. Was wondering how this might affect his on field performance.
  10. thanks that's really insightful, always assumed cautious and defensive menatlities were directly linked to counterattacking football.
  11. for my counter attacking tactic ive replaced the third playmaker with a BWM on support duty. i personally think my cautious tactic fits perfectly with a counter attacking style of football especially with the team instructions that are conservative in nature and anti pressing. But feel free to give me more feedback as admittly my football knowledge and tactical understanding of the game is not where i want it to be.
  12. Ive taken onboard the feedback regarding playing with 3 playmakers, my initial thought was to use it as a means for positive ball retention but i see now the obvious flaws. I now play with only 2 playmakers in a 3 man midfield: DM-DLP(D) CM-BBM and CM-RPM. I instantly saw results as i submitted this post halfway thorough the season and by the end of the season i won the champions league however only finishing sixth in the league unfortunately. ATTACKING TACTIC-find it hard to get the wingers involved but still the results are decent CAUTIOUS TACTIC: I have exclusively used this
  13. Haaland likes to play on the last man but hes so good you can fit him anywhere, might try him out as a pressing forward. Off topic but what positional roles are naturally incompatible, like roles that you dont want paired? and ones that are compatible?
  14. always thought that DLP's roamed a bit with the support duty thanks for the info. Regarding the attacking setup what do you think of me replacing the second DLP (DLP With support duty) with a box to box midfielder. How much would that impact my midfield defensively and also in the attacking sense.
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