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  1. Alright I tried the second skin and it works! Sadly, the facepack panels are still the same size but the dark skin is much much better than the default purple. Thanks for your help
  2. Oh I did not know this. Sorry, I am new to the game. By any chance, do you know where I can get custom skins for Touch? I can't seem to find many online. Or at least how to make the panels bigger?
  3. So I have tried extracting some skins to my FM20 Touch folder. I followed the guide so I'm pretty sure the files are in the right location? But for some reason, the skins aren't showing up in my game's dropdown menu in preferences. I mainly wanted a custom skin just to have large panels for DF11 facepacks. So I tried downloading the large panels files straight from the DF11 website but that isn't working either. The only place I have noticed the panels changing in size are in the player comparison screen, but other than that, all the other views have the small-sized panels. So my question is, how do I either get skins or the panels to work? Appreciate any help, thanks!
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