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  1. But, since it is made for 20.4.1, is PILGRIMAGE effective in FMT (still in 20.4.0)? Thanks a lot!
  2. Congratulations and thanks for your amazing job. Just one question: which tactics (two, maybe) would you recommend for a top/dominante team in league, but "tier 2" in UCL? I mean, i need a tactic for the domestic matches (attacking, dominant), but I also need another one for matches with the big sharks in UCL (which I possibly can use against my domestic rivals). Imagine I'm like FC Porto, Benfica, Dortmund, Tottenham...
  3. Thanks! But did you use the entire season? I mean, did you use just that tactic or you had another one (big aways, etc.)? One more thing: any tweak?
  4. Hey knap, great job! Which tactic do you recommend for FC Porto (1st season)? Thanks!
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