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  1. @RDF Tactics @Rober82 in relation to training, lets say we follow the training schedules suggested by RDF and Rober ( great work btw!!!) - there is no info regarding pre-season schedules and how to mix it up with the individual training for optimal results during pre season. what do you suggest?
  2. what is the best way to rotate the squad in order not to affect the player and the team happiness?
  3. thank you! any recommendations on potential assistant managers?
  4. TTF what about the training intensity on individual training?
  5. Hi guys First of all, I would like to congratulate TotalFootballfan for his great work on the game. Throughout the same saved game I always used the Ceber V3 and Fury V1 and shield tactic. Killer combo!!!! Started the game unemployed. Teams managed between 2019-2027 1. Olympiakos - Greece - 1 season in charge - Took charge of Olympiakos in October 2019 at 4th place. - End of season results - We won the Greek League and Greek Cup. - End of season I resigned - June 2020 2. Wolves - 3.5 seasons in charge - Remained unemployed up until i was o
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