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  1. No problem, i enjoy the game the same way! Thanks anyway.
  2. Yes, i'm using the latest version of the skin, mine looks like the screenshot that i showed with 100% zoom, but if it's above it works lol 😅 You are right, if it's 110% or 125% it works well, i don't understand ahah. But in the previous FM23 worked great with 100% zoom, so why it's not working in this FM? But thanks for the answers guys.
  3. I use above and don't work, i used the WTCS skin on FM23 and worked well, don't know why this is happening, but it's not a huge problem. Thank you btw for the answer!
  4. Hey guys! Can someone help me with this? I'm playing on a 2560x1440 pc screen skews the image of the players shirt, everything works fine it's only this "issue" that happened, much appreciate!
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