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  1. That 20 natural fitness would have been the icing on the cake for me, in my game it only generated at 11
  2. This is one for the Lower League Managers Fidel O'Rourke from Liverpool you can sign him on a free transfer at the end of the first season I'm currently in the Vanarama National League and he is on fire for me playing as a lone advance forward. According to my coaches he's operating at a Premiership level after 2 seasons
  3. I've just had this youngster come through my youth intake in my first season at Chester. He looks like he can be a superstar for me over the next 5 or so seasons as I push to make my way up through the football league. I don't currently play a number 10 I use a 4-3-3 would anyone have any advise where I should retrain him. I'm a bit sceptical about using him as a centre midfielder due to his height and lack of strength etc
  4. Hi guys I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction with my Chester 4-4-2 tactic. The tactic itself is working quite well but i'm conceding a ridiculous amount of goals from outside the box the screenshot below is the latest game where I conceded two rockets from about 20 yards out and a volley from just inside the box from the opposition full back As you can see below I create quite alot of clear cut chances and have a really good conversion rate but of the 21 goals I've conceded 8 of those have been from outside the box. Here's a scree
  5. Hi Guys This youngster has just came through my youth intake and he looks like he can develop into a really good player for my squad. Looking at his stats his speed is really going to let him down playing at the highest level would anyone be able advise what is a realistic expectation in terms of developing his speed?
  6. Is it possible to edit team and competition names with the in game editor on stadia?
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