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  1. Have you checked which version you are running? Is it 14.2.2? The database available is still the original one
  2. Eagerly anticipating this. And I agree, after the astonishing achievements of Apoel last year and even AEL this year, surely the time has come for Cyprus to be included in FM.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I guess I accidently clicked on "dont show this message again". Any way to reactivate it? Found it. I clicked on "reset disabled messages" in preferences. Problem solved, cheers.
  4. Well that's what used to happen to me, I don't understand what's gone on with my game. It's not a a new problem post patch 12.1, it happened before the update. There's not a tickbox or something in preferences that I may have accidently clicked on creating this annoyance is there?
  5. When I release a player on a free, the game doesn't advise how much it will it cost. When I release staff from their contracts I get the message saying how much compensation is due, but it no longer warns me when releasing players. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  6. I had indeed clicked on the "related information" icon. I didn't even realise that icon was there. Thank you.
  7. Theres a button that hides images for news items? I didn't realise that. I'll check.
  8. Anyone able to advise? I can't work out why messages from the inbox no longer have images (faces, club logo, comp logo) next to the text.
  9. I can't be sure because I just download the megapack, but I guess the editor will have the unique ID if there is no way to view it in game?
  10. Yes you can. The megapack from sortitoutsi has chairman images included. They are displayed when you interact with the board.
  11. Something strange seems to have happened out of the blue; news items no longer have images attached to them. For example news regarding manager of the month no longer have the manager picture, or news regarding clubs no longer display the club badge. I have no idea what has happened. However, when I click on an indvidual player the picture is still there, and club badges are still there when I click on a specific club. I have quit the game, and re-loaded but it's still the same. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  12. Firstly, good work on the file. Just completed my first season as Apoel. Won the league on the last game of the season, with an ironic big thanks to Omonoia who beat Apollon meaning we won the league by 2 points. My main comments also relate to the finances. We we awarded £15million for winning the league, which is clearly way too much. Aside from the finances everything seems perfect. Also, does anyone know why Pardo has a year ban at the start of the game? Its clearly wrong as he played in the league against Anorthosi last week in real life (I was there). As an aside I was also at the GSP for the massive win against Porto. Best match I've been too in a long time. The atmosphere was incredible. Bring on the last 16! What will it take for SI to finally include the Marfin Laiki League officially in the game? Maybe if Apoel win the Champions League we might see it?
  13. He went on loan to Arse, it's been done correctly under the loans tab. Also, just a minor point for Wally, Younes Kaboul has been capped for France now. Or you could just removed his second nationality. I just remember from previous games it was always an annoyance when he got called up for the African Nations Cup. Great update btw.
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