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  1. I'm playing as Bari in my 5th season, I'm doing okay in Serie A (predicted 18th, currently 12th) but I'm having defensive issues. Pretty much every goal I concede is from a cross, in particular a cross to the back post that bypasses all three centre backs and the adjacent wingback to a completely unmarked player to finish. The wingback and outside centre back are always facing the ball and completely unaware of the player arriving, despite having good marking and positioning stats. I've tried setting my team to defend wider, along with telling the outside centre backs and both wingbacks to stay wider, but all my defenders seem to just bunch up really narrow in the box together, allowing a player to arrive at the backpost unchallenged and put it away. I've also tried setting the wingbacks to mark tighter hoping they would track the run but that has made no difference, and setting to mark a specific player seems to draw them out of position. Any advice would be great as I'm stumped.
  2. Thanks for your response, as mentioned I would still be really grateful for advice as the tactic is by no means producing good football with so many of my goals being from set pieces and penalties, and I'm starting to see results dry up as teams become more and more defensive against me. Everything just seems very static and predictable when I have the ball and I can't get the fluidity and interchange that I'm after to draw the opp out.
  3. Thanks for your advice, TM-A was mainly selected as my striker has good heading, I've tried him as an AF-A but he doesn't seem to be getting any space and is marked out of the game. The midfield change to a Carrilero did make an overload on the left hand side but I still have the same problem of the ball always ending up out wide before a cross that hits the first man which is infuriating. Another issue I'm finding is I'm incredibly vulnerable on the counter, particularly down the flanks. I've set my CM's to man mark the opposition full backs and my full backs to man mark the opp wingers. If I set the full backs to close down more then they move out of position and the ball gets played in behind them, but if I set them to stand off and hold position the cross comes in and I concede a headed goal, with my CB's seeming completely switched off. Any advice on how to remedy this?
  4. My thinking behind the lower line of engagement and standard defensive line is to invite the opp out and create some space in behind them, rather than just pushing them back into their own box further where they can camp out.
  5. I am trying to perfect my 41212 diamond with Bari to accommodate my two good strikers and good midfielders but I can't quite get it flowing. I'm one of the better sides in the league (predicted 2nd) so most teams sit in deep against me and aim to counter, my possession is regularly 60%+. I'm aiming for short, quick passing and lots of movement and interchanging to draw the opposition out of their positions and exploit the spaces left. The DLF(s) is set to stay wider to draw out centre backs and make space for the AM and the TM My build up into the final third is good, however what often happens is we keep the ball centrally for a bit, it goes out wide to the full back who either crosses into the first man or loses the ball. I've set them to cross less often and sometimes they pass back inside to the midfielder, however they often get it passed straight back to them first time and they're caught offside. I understand that a narrow formation means there'll be central congestion, but I figured retaining the ball centrally and encouraging the opp to step out would create space but I can't seem to make that happen and they just stand still and watch us pass it round until we lose it. I'm top by 3 points but a lot of my goals are long shots, set pieces and scruffy goals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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