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  1. Volsungur 2022 Really good season this season for me but also really unlucky at the same time because in our first season you only needed 34 points ton get promoted an this season I got 43 points and was still 4 points off it. This season went out of the cup in the 3rd round due to over rotating and went out in the league cup as I just tried to blend in my youngsters. This was the first season my youngsters stepped up an became the main men with a few of them having offers from the bigger teams in the country but I've persuaded them to stay. I'm very confident I'll be able to push on next season and get promoted which was my aim at the start of the save to get promoted in the 4th season. An ok youth intake this season no where near as good as I hoped but I'll see if I can get any of these involved next season. These were my best 3 players this season Hardarson has been my best player consistently an that's why he's one of the 3 players to still be at the club from when I started the game. He plays both the dlp and ap role so well and always pops up with vital goals an assists. It's been Audunsson's breakout season this season and I couldn't of imagined him to play as well as he did I thought he'd just be in and out the team but he made himself one of the first names on the team sheet every week. Kristjansson was good last season but this season he added goals to his games and was a bit of a free kick specialist scoring and scored some vital goals to win us some games. One problem with him is that I can sort his personality out it was mercenary and now it's changed to Fickle which is even worse so hopefully the mentoring can improve it. Some special mentions of some youngsters below who have improved a lot and are attracting offers from other clubs so hopefully the chairman doesn't accept any. Nothing in the transfers this season and another reason I want to get promoted is to give my youth players a chance to go on loan to some playable teams in our nation as it is not possible at the moment. Going to try an get through this next season quite quickly and let's hope for no sales and promotion to the top division.
  2. Volsungur 2021 This season was hard like I expected I let a lot of my team go on a free only really played 4 players who were at the club when I first come in the rest I froze out or let go at the end of last season. Even though I got less points this season then last season but it went very well with a lot of my youth prospects improving a lot more then I expected for some. Got a very good youth intake too with a striker who's already bagged 3 in the last 2 games of the season. We improved a lot in the second half of the season which is a positive sign cause it shows my youth are getting used to this level and we even finished the season with a 5-1 away win so hoping to have 2 more seasons in this division then my team should be ready to make the step up. We went out in the first round of the cup due to our poor early season form whilst I was giving my youth players there first few games and also only picked up 2 points in the league cup. Youth intake was a lot better this season with a lot of them being ready for the first team straight away Valgerrisson was the striker who impressed at the end of the season so hoping for more 0of the same next year These are my best 3 youth prospects at the moment hoping for more from Kristjansson next season as he has improved a lot but his sats aren't as good only scoring his first goal of the season on the last day but my cam always struggles to get involved when I play 4231. I'm also expecting massive things from Valgeirsson next season after how he ended the season. I normally do a best player section but I'll leave its this season as we struggled for most parts of the season and there was no real standout performer. I decided to sell my first team rb as I had a good one coming through and even though he was one of my best players he was unhappy at the club and only had a year left on his contract so I decided to take the money whilst I can as we are struggling in the finance department . For next season I'm going to let go of the players I froze out last season to hopefully fund a new contract for olgerisson who is my best player by a mile and hoping to hopefully get around 5th next season to show an improvement.
  3. Volsungur 2020 Season went exactly how I expected with a nice mid table finish considering that I only had 14 players for this season and one of them was injured for 6 months. With the youth intake now I'm hoping to play a lot of them next season so they can develop rather than trying to get promoted quickly. Youth intake wasn't the worst in the world needed a lb and cb as was lacking there this season so they should slot in to the starting 11 next season. My idea is to start giving these as much game time as I can next season and to not get promoted too early so even though these youth players are not as good as some of my starting 11 now they should hopefully be miles better in the future. These 3 were my best players this season. Wardle was my rb which I played quite attacking and got a lot of goal contributions this season he's only young too so will probably be my starting one next season but also got a good young one coming through Baldvinsson was my advanced playmaker and was my most consistent player easily thinking of changing to 442 next season so he might move out onto the right side because I was forced to play 4231 because of the players I started with. Will probably still start next season but because of his age I'll be looking to replace him soon Olgeirsson is my best player but had to play on the right side this season because of the players I had hoping to move him up front next season in the 442 so he gets a lot more involved in the play Nothing in the transfers hopefully my chairman doesn't force any sales for my key players.
  4. Volsungur Thought I'd give this challenge a go as it seems interesting. I seen that Iceland had shorter seasons so I thought that would of be a good way to go so I can get through seasons quite quickly. I'm expecting the first season to be quite difficult as I only have 14 players ,so the first youth intake will be very important for our team. Will do an end of season update when I finish it but only expecting a mid table finish for this season with a squad that small.
  5. I've got you, nice one for your help anyway i'll try it when I get back on later
  6. Ah, I've got you. The problem I've got at the moment is that I feel like olgeirsson is the only player who does anything for me and anytime he misses a game we just fall apart. I think next season i'm just going to throw in a lot more youth players and just develop them and take the risk of getting relegated cause it could be a positive this early in the save. Feel like getting promoted in the 2nd season was a bad thing for me, my teams not ready yet.
  7. Ye cause the issue I have is that I have some 17/18 year olds who are slightly better than my 19 year olds in current ability but I kinda feel I have to play the 19 year olds because they are not elgible for the youth team also doesn't help that I have 3 rb who are all the same abilty coming through.
  8. @XaW Have you got any tips on how to develop my youth players in the Iceland league cause theres so many players I want to give game time to so they develop but it's hard to get them in. I'm in my 4th season just stayed up on the last day in the top division but kinda feels like only 2 of my players are performing olgeirsson and one of my youth cb. Any tips?
  9. Ye just got a save with volsungur then so going to give it a go
  10. Think I might give it a go in Iceland seems a bit more enjoyable to me
  11. I'm thinking of starting this save but not sure whether to start in England or go to a small nation like Iceland. Cause I reckon once you get to the premier league it your close to the champions league but with a smaller nation you build up a nation more and it's more difficult. What do youse suggest?
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