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  1. 2 years as a national team coach and very few defeats and this is what i get every time after an international game. Is it normal? This was happening on FMTouch20 and FMTouch19 but I raised the question only now. No matter the international team I was coaching.
  2. It's an already known bug and it was reported by multiple players. It is very indeed!
  3. Hey Mark, I have been in the same situation as you. What I have done is that on my macbook desktop I have created a "tactics" folder and put there all the downloaded tactics. Then that folder I would drag it to my FM21 touch folder on iPad in the Finder, this way it will overwrite the original tactics folder on ipad. Next time when you would go into the games you will have the tactics. I have raised this as a bug in the previous update of FM20 touch and answer I got back was that was a User Experience decision to remove the browse through folders button on touch.
  4. The saved game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3gql8ute754ylq/games.zip?dl=0 I also have problems in my saved game with End of Season Awards where first 11 is not displayed.
  5. Hi, I have attached the save. I want to let you know that your tutorial is not updated. iTunes is not available on the latest software updates from Apple. Attached of how it looks now if you are updated to latest Apple software. As for the bug, I noticed that my former Assistant Manager is still the one that give me reports on my current players. Attached example.
  6. 1. I hired a new Assistant Manager at my club team. Replacing the game default one. 2. I was appointed as National Team coach. 3. I staff searched roles for the National Team and my former club Assistant Manager was being displayed as still being at my club with the same position. Most oddly I could have offer him a new contract within the club.
  7. ohh so it was not only me annoyed by the player shortcuts. the UX in general is bad on FMTouch but as hardcore fans we adapt. the issue is that the UX of the game it gets downgraded instead of upgraded every year. i can't find the reason why would they disable the player shortcuts this year but instead introducing that end of season thingy which it could have been just a news item.
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