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  1. MorrisseyMuse's FM07 Update Thread

    Looking forward to this!
  2. I agree with that. There should be a sharp decline at around 30-33, then it plateaus out. It's strange seeing a 33 y.o. with 8 acceleration, which drops to 1 at 35 years old.
  3. FM 06 or FM 09/2010

    As most people have said, your best bet would be to try the demo. The active database is generally significantly smaller in the demo in comparison to the full game so take that into account.
  4. Probably Greg Halford for Colchester in FM07. Played him as a striker. Colchester were favourites for relegation in 1st season so pretty much every game he DIDN'T play, we lost. After a few seasons, it was all because of Halford that we scraped our way to the Premiership via the playoffs.
  5. Any type of lob or chip shot, especially xabi alonso-esque ones from far out which catches the keeper off his line.
  6. A small super league composed of top teams designed specifically for a network game. That way, we get to use our favourite teams as well play against each other often!
  7. Paul Robinson misses a backpass from the right flank and it goes in for a goal. Except this time it wasn't from Neville or England, but for Tottenham and Hutton.
  8. FM07, 08 or 09?

    Personally, FM07 by quite a margin.
  9. Bolivia 6 - Argentina 1 (Managed by Maradona) Thats probably even more embarassing.
  10. Fantastic for multiplayer LAN type games. You can create smaller leagues (which from what i've read in this thread - can be registered for champions league qualification) so you don't have to wait 18 matches before you play against a real person again.
  11. Can You Have A Son or Sons?

    My rubbish rubbish son was on FM07 so I can't help you there. Maybe they improved the average potential of sons but it's hard to make a conclusion.
  12. Can You Have A Son or Sons?

    I was gutted alright. In fact, I was so frustrated I stopped playing that save altogether since I knew how rare it was to get a son. He had very rubbish stats, like 4 for reflexes and it truely showed in the match engine. Haha, actually, I'm not very tall so I guess my son would make a very poor goalkeeper too. Use of third party editor did cross my mind though I didn't see a point eventually. Anyone could create a 'son' from scratch with the use of a editor but it just doesn't have the novelty a 'real son' has. I'll just have to play 1000 more seasons for my next son.
  13. Can You Have A Son or Sons?

    I finally had one for Liverpool. He's got rubbish stats but that doesn't matter, I could still give him a run in cups since I could play with 10 men and still win against lower league sides. Then I realised of all positions.... he was a goalkeeper.
  14. Thanks Wiitastic, I come from Australia myself so I've given that a thought. The salary cap and squad size restrictions are quite frustrating though.
  15. Thinking of playing a network game. However, the big leagues will have about 20 teams each which means we don't get to play against human controled teams in competitive matches as often as we'd like. Preferably a league in europe so we can potentially play in the CL but anywhere in the world is fine. So can anyone recommend a league?