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  1. The problem is not that it's hard to do, or too much work, complicated or time consuming. The problem is that apparently there's no information to guide in what it has to be done. It's not only that I know that I'll have to recreate every single competition manually (after all, I don't care about the majority of real life competitions, and the domestic leagues and cups will all be identical), it's that that's what I'm looking forward to, that's the part of the game I'm interested, creating those things manually. But I don't know how to start... How do you add a competition? a World Cup + World Cup Qualifiers? Do I have to edit the existing ones? I remember reading that that won't work, so I have to duplicate or create new ones? what would be the first step in order to do that? Would it be a good thing to start by removing every competition that comes in the game so they don't get into conflict with the new ones? is there a thread that explains this? I have searched the forum (and youtube, and reddit), but when I find a thread related to this, either nobody replied or it's already a few steps ahead than where I'm now (my guess is that if I have to take 100 steps to do this project, I could find youtube videos or threads to help me from steps 10 to 50, and I'm confident I could find my way from 50 to 100... but the damn first steps are the ones I can't seem to find). I open the database, I save "editor data as" to don't mess with the original db, then I go to competitions... I find the WC... do I edit it? how do I add a new "international finals" competition and have it named "World Cup"... same for the qualifiers... (do I have to extract a fmf file?) Seriously, any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for replying! The editor and its capabilities to create a whole new world is the only reason why I bought this game... my fun is in creating my own "fifa" and then simulating all the seasons (keeping a close control of every season in an excel file... I'm basically a 40 year old nerd), I don't really care about "playing" it (maybe I'll play a bit, but that's not really my goal). Anyway, any help would be appreciated, cheers!
  3. Simple question: how do I enable the Advanced Rules? (I'm guessing I'll need to do that in order to edit the WC qualys). The option is greyed out...
  4. Well, now I got the full game, editor included. The new FIFA I'm leading has only 128 affiliated countries, so those are the ones that will exist in this world. The rest won't be needed, good luck. I've already used the editor to rearrange the 128 affiliated countries in 4 continents of 32 nations each (actually, in 16 regions of 8 nations each). The rest of the countries were sent to the 2 "inactive" continents. The next step, is modifying the World Cup Qualifiers so that the 2 inactive continents are ignored, and the qualification is based, ideally, on the 16 regions the nations are divided, or alternative, on the only 4 continents with "affiliated" countries... Any pointers to where I can start toying with the World Cup Qualification rules? Tips? advices? warnings? Cheers!
  5. Well, I love those wild ideas, but I'm focused more on merging leagues rather than countries... (although I want to create a couple new countries and "ignore" some as well) I'll learn as I go. really, thanks.
  6. Merging is ok (i.e. making one huge african league) Splitting is ok (West/East Germany as you said) Attaching some spanish teams into portuguese league (while retaining the spanish league) would it be possible? (I think, not necessarily creating a new country, but just creating a new competition that replaces Portuguese league) I'm not sure if I understand the splitting and spreading part... Like doing what?
  7. thanks! complete rebuilt of WC qualification? excellent! I was hoping I could do something like that (not sure if it's what I want, but at least there's a chance) For what I've seen, creating new "continental" club competitions (disregarding original continents of the clubs) should be feasible (my last possible deal-breaker), so... I think I'll give it a go... I guess I'll have a ton of questions once I get my hands on it. I'll just wait for the free period to be over just in case Steam decides to give some discount :P Thanks!
  8. part, yes. Now I know that I can combine leagues. Important question: Did you replaced a country (i.e. turned Russia into USSR)? or did you created a new one (i.e. you still have Russia AND you also have the USSR)? In either case, I'm assuming you were able to gave them their right flag, crest and colors. Do their respective national teams play for the WC qualification in Europe? Thanks a lot!
  9. Not sure if this is a simple question. I haven't played FM since several years ago. Now, thanks coronavirus, I'm playing it for free. Would I buy it? well, the reason I left before is because of the limits on what I can create with the editor, now I'm still not sure if I would be able to do what I want. So, my question is if I have the editor, would I be able to do the following: I "hate" realism. I want to create my own leagues, regional leagues, customized leagues, even fantasy leagues and have them along some of the top leagues. i.e. let's keep the top leagues in Europe and America. No problems here. But I want a -let's say- full central american league (combining Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc...), a Nordic league (Norway, Sweden...), an east asian league (China, Japan, Korea...), and so on. Also, I want regional leagues... let's take the basque country in Spain, I want a full league with teams from there. (Extra points if I can keep the La Liga basque teams playing in Spain, and just additional teams in the new league). In the same line, how about a new country, let's pretend there's some islands lost in the middle of the atlantic ocean and I create a country with their own league in there. In the end, I'd be interesting in having let's say 20-30 leagues around the world (maybe more?) including all real and made up countries (because some leagues include several countries). And, I don't want them to play in different continental cups... I want all 20-30 leagues (or whatever the number of leagues there are) to all play in the same World Champions League and Cup, I don't want some of them playing the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup, and some of them playing the Libertadores, and some the Concachampions, and so on. No confederations (extra points if I can keep the confederations for National Teams competitions, but ignore them for the clubs competitions). Ideally, although I could live without this I guess :P, I'd like to unify calendars and fixtures and league rules. I'm not interested in having some leagues with 16 teams, some with 20, some with league, cup, and some other cup, and other leagues with nothing but league... some domestic cups have lots of rounds, home and away, others not... anyway, I'd love to have one same domestic competitions system with one same calendar for all my 30 leagues in the world. [Edit]One more thing: For made up countries, and "regional" leagues promoted to "country" status, I want them to have their own flag and national team, I want them to treat them like any other country.[/Edit] So... is it possible to make that in FM20? (obviously I'm not expecting this to be easy, I'm just wondering if it's possible... in the end, if it's possible, I know I'll spend more time and have a lot more fun CREATING this world than playing it... so I really don't care how hard it could be to make it) Thanks! (just noticing is a really long text... is this the right thread to post this? or should I create a different thread?)
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