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  1. quick silly question: All this problems that you guys find while editing leagues, are they attached to the country or to the competition itself? in other words, if you create a league from scratch -in the same country- replacing the original league, would you still have the same issues ?
  2. wait, what? does the UEFA coefficient only work in an unmodified UEFA champions league?
  3. Well, in full disclosure mode, I was trying to help but I was also digging to find what problems I may face further down the road on my own project. I'm a newbie in here, just trying to figuring things out maybe from a different point of view. Assumptions I've made regarding what's possible and what's not: You can't change the name of England to World Nations because then you'd lose England as a country... but you can name the league "World Nations League" or something like that right? The competition would only be "based" on England, but it wouldn't have any "practical" side effects, d
  4. What's the problem with having Andorra taking part of the Euro championships or Nations League? They do take part in real life, no? Also, or alternatively, why did you use Andorra in the first place to create the World League? You could create it in any other country (England, Germany, Spain...) since they won't use their domestic league either way. Sorry if there's an obvious answer to this, I really don't know how this works, but that's the approach I'd take...
  5. Not sure how does your Super World League works... are your teams playing that league instead of their domestic leagues? or additional to their domestic leagues?
  6. what if you create that team from scratch again, or duplicate it and then delete the original one?
  7. Thank you. --- Again, if anyone wants to help to fill out the blanks, it'd be great. The more we know about each field in the editor the more we could customize our competitions exactly the way we want them. --- So, to finish the creation of this Nations League, we go to the last step, setting up the dates. d) When will they play. The Dates. The first step nabildx did, was to create a "Stage Name": I'm not even sure if this is actually required, because there's dozens of stage names already in existence who could work perfectly fine for what we need,
  8. Not sure I fully understand what you want to do, but if you know the total number of teams, let's say 50 teams, and you want the lower 8 to qualify, then: a) "Get Best Teams", get the best 42 teams, and tick "Ignore teams" b) "Get Best Teams", get the best 8 teams, and DON'T tick "ignore teams" c) I'd think that you have to put those 2 lines in the right order. Something like this: (in that example, the rule is to get the teams ranked 25th to 36th)
  9. Again, this is not so much an explanation on "why" does this work, but more a "how" to make it work. So, it would be VERY helpful and VERY appreciated if someone knows more exactly what some of this mean and what do they do and shares it in here. In the meantime, the way is set, works. Let's continue: --- b) the league settings We already have "rules" for our league, let's create the settings of it. First, we create a stage The stage ID I'm assuming you can put anything you want. The AFC file had "leag" in it, so that's what I used for my european league. Now
  10. Well, the Nations League finally worked. I have the european one the way I wanted it, it's working smoothly. Now it's just a matter of copypasting my way into the other 3 leagues. But the only purpose of keeping this thread alive was because it could help some new users that wanted to figure out how the editor works. So I think this is a good chance to make a small "tutorial" on how to create a "nations league". HOW TO CREATE THE NATIONS LEAGUE FROM SCRATCH. First of all, all (positive) credit goes to nabildx who created an "Asian (AFC) International Competitions" pack and that'
  11. In these days, that sounds scary, I hope everything's ok mate. I'll have a look at that file, thanks!
  12. Ok, here's what I tried to do in order to set up the Europe Nations League. The goal is to have 8 countries per division, and since there's 40 countries in this league, it should have divisions 1 to 5. There's 2 spots for relegation/promotion in each tier. League system, home/away, 14 matches total. Is played every year. First I set up 2 competitions: Euro Premier Nations League (which will be div 1), and Euro Nations League (which will act as div 2) I created both competitions, set "Registered Teams" in both leagues each with the 8 teams that would play the first year in it.
  13. Photoshop. I'm not the expert, but if you want something like that for the Iron Curtain, I'll gladly help. Also, there's been some changes on that front. Thanks to a lot of hard work in politics and football politics, six countries have agreed to take a big step in good will. So, Ireland, Korea, and Sudan, will present unified national teams. Because of this, there's been some changes in the WCQ regions: Faroe Islands have now gain affiliation to the MFF thanks to the spot left by the Irelands. Faroe goes to Northern Europe and Iceland moves to Western Europe. Turkmenistan gai
  14. I understand how it works when you use the option to not use real players. That's the only way I use it. But I'm intrigued by the clean database... what do you mean by "the game doesn't become playable for at least 5-10 years"? players are not generated automatically? or is it that they're not "good enough"? or "not realistic enough"? If you delete real life players is there a way to set the teams to have generated players with different level on average (i.e Barcelona players with level 80 average, Sevilla level 70 average, Leganes level 50 average, or something like that?) Also I'd gues
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