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  1. Hi Ben, I believe it's being taken seriously at your end, not that sure about Google side when a fundamental issue remains for a long time, also lack of any response to their paying customer's feedback on the issue is not looking good. Let's see where this goes. Nevertheless I was able to create a new game after just randomly trying out different data use options through the app. Then I could make a new game, which seems way too random and then I have had no issues on the new save although making all those differently named saves and deleting all the time... I don't dare to touch th
  2. Created a new game and the first save didn't go through. Tried again couple of times, same thing. Not sure if I want to go down the road of testing all possible different options on new laptop, already suffered through same thing on three computers already, or perhaps my data usage settings. This is just a basic functionality that has become broken. I don't think me as a paying customer should go through that, when the issue has been reported a long time ago. Reached out to Ben via personal message too, tweeted to Miles and Stadia and also a feedback through the Stadia app. Would just li
  3. Well I think it got worse after that one, I've noticed this happening more often during the last week or so. Anyways I had the original database and long running game from the release days, that I'm getting frustrated with now, as I can't get through the summer and make a save... Thought about just for the sake of it trying to fire up a new one, but would hate to again eventually end up in that mess. I've now cleared the save games from old ones, hoping if that would make any difference, but at least yet no help from that.
  4. I happened to notice this one and if you load the same base tactic to i.e. all three tactic spots and edit option one all change... So you have to load the base and save it to a new file.
  5. This has become horrible now for me. Saves go through only randomly. Just tried firing it up and getting few days on and saving to no avail. Making new saves worked until last week or so.
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