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  1. Really enjoying the ManU project. Season 1 was all about clearing out the deadwood, evaluating the squad & youth and steadying the ship. S1 In Bruno Fernandes £60m Sander Berge £24m Declan Rice £35m Jude Bellingham £20m - feeling like I may gotten "Levy'd" by Birmingham on this one, but he has developed really well. I decided that the current batch of midfielders were all surplus to requirements bar Pogba & McTommy Bruno was the star of S1 putting Pogba to shame and he was head and shoulders above everyone else and really backed up the front 3 of Rashford, Martial & Greenwood with additional goals. I went for Rice in the first window and got quoted 110m plus so decided against that and had practically written him off as a signing, then in Jan's window he threw a paddy about not being able to join, got himself transfer listed for £35m so I said "yes please"! S1 Out Young £3m Matic £9.5m Fred £12m Chong - didn't really want to let him go, with Marcus & Martial able to play AML, but Salzburg came in for £12m and I decided to cash in Pereira Rojo - both Rojo & Pereira went to Wolves for a combined £55m as they splashed the cast in Jan. Which freed up a chunk of change (£94m) Competitions Pipped City to the league (tho they won the CL so I think the blue side of Manchester would be happy with that) Played the kids in the Caribao and got knocked out away at Arsenal FA Cup won against Bournemouth - which I usually struggle against Europa got PSG in the final, but Mbappe and Neymar were both out injured which pretty much made my day as I secured another trophy. Fernandes was a beast, so good that I'd struggle not to try and buy him at any club! Season 2: S2 In Luca Pellegrini £24m (after my mistake of buying him in the July window s1 and not noticing the deal date!) 2 Promising regens both from Leeds Lautaro Martinez £76m I wanted a main striker, as whilst my forwards were ok for goals, none of them were clinical enough. Liverpool sold Salah to RMadrid for £125m after i had flukely managed to keep hold of Pogba - had to promise to let him go if they bid £90m but instead they opted for Mo. Liverpool then went after Martinez and I decided that after his really good season with Inter (16 in 32) with 9 PoM's) he was the man for me. S2 Out Lingard £27m Phil Jones £18m Mata £15m Gomes £17m Shaw £40m - was so injury prone (I think at this stage it doesn't require spoiler tags!) Did the new contract thing with Sanchez but I think he's going to rot in the reserves because he's rejecting pretty much everything else. Competitions: Mid way through S2 and things are going well, Lauturo has taken the beast title from Bruno and made it his own - he's banging them in for fun as the spearhead of my 4-1-2-2-1 Wide tactic as a CF(a). Pogba seems happy and signed a new contract - probably not worth the paper it's written on - happy to keep him but as he's still being overshadowed by Bruno if someone comes in with £100m+ he'll be going. Jan window is about to open, and according to the press Liverpool are going for O. Dembele and Chelsea will be going for Mbappe. I can't afford them both, but would like both in my team, I think I'Il prioritise Mbappe to give him a whirl depending on how the transfer window merry-go-round goes.
  2. Ahh I love this game sometimes! I've been giving Romero the odd few games as you do, and then this happens
  3. Yeah I messed up and decided to pass on Grimaldo after he agreed terms as Shaw was playing really well in pre season. Sent Rojo out on loan and opted to buy a youthful backup in Pelegrini but when I agreed to buy him I wasn't paying attention and didn't notice he'd join in July 20! So a swift loan recall for Rojo and hoping Dalot will be ok if needed :P
  4. Decided this year to make some time for FM as I've not played much of the last few years. Picked up Man Utd because it's a good challenge to rebuild, especially for a Mancunian Man U fan Like many other's I'm clearing out the dross (Matic & Young) and bringing in better! Went for Bruno Fernandes & Sander Berge to revamp the middle and very pleasantly surprised by both, must recommend them.
  5. @Welshace - thanks - will get him scouted asap @warlock - how / where do you play depay to get that from him? In my dabble i had him as AML IF and i gave up with him and played Luan instead.
  6. Excellent thread, ty all. Giving Bartra and R-RZ a go to see if i can help balance the books And if I flog Blind (I'm at ManU) I'll buy Jonny as backup FB.
  7. Nice call dave, decided to start again after dabbling with 3 CM's which is not something I like doing at ManU. Bellarabi will hopefully be one of my flying wingers in the Kanchelskis mold - just need to find a young Giggs for the other side as Depay was a bit pants in my first dabble. That said, i bet Bayern come in for him as well :/ - so I'll have a bid at Herrmann as well for good measure and see if i can tempt RMadrid to pay silly money for Mata.
  8. Went for Stones, Everton robbed me blind and took 48M but he's been playing very well and i have a thing for having an English back 4. Martial has been banging them in - i hope he stays this productive. Sticking to a 4-2-3-1 currently and it's going well, just beat Liverpool 3-0 so the fans love me!
  9. Nice start to the thread! Each year i try and play a different team but as a Manc born & bred I have to have a Man U save! Sorting out the staff currently so I haven't continued once yet - as i usually use my beta save as a throwaway i think i'm going to go all in on Stones - assuming Everton will sell. I'd be interested to see who others are thinking of buying.
  10. haha that's true, more like a bulldog chewing a wasp Tired of playing 442 like i always do, and with the Brazilians they are ideal for 433 so that's what I'm having a go at. Also toying with spending serious money on Benteke as he's a beast . /edit Urrgh CL group with Real Madrid and Man City (and Celtic) looks like the Europa for me.
  11. Howdy all! Firstly, excellent thread lfc7 and a really good OP. After searching for a club to start my "Mourinho" save at I finally chose Shakhtar and I'm loving it. The plan for this save is to spend 2-3 seasons at a club, then hopefully move onto a bigger club in another league (Spain, England, Germany, Italy & France loaded as well as Ukraine), ideally winning things along the way. However I'm really loving this save, Srna is a beast and one of my favorite players both in FM and RL. Fond memories of a previous FM (10 or 11 i think) where I had an excellent Lyon career with Srna as my RB & Captain. Onto this save Out: Ilsinho Hubschman Eduardo Mainly because they are all non-Ukraines and I had no plans to play them. In: I've not bought anyone as i wanted to assess what is already here, however i picked up Vitaliy Fedoriv on a free because a) free and b) Ukrainian. I'd like to splash the cash on some sexy attacking players, however with the new arrivals already at the club this seems a bit overkill. Teixeira and Ferreyra are banging them in and we seem pretty good at the back, so I really don't feel the "need" to spend but only time will tell.
  12. Pretty much what Dagenham Dave said, I've got a couple of long term saves on the go already and apart from the odd niggling issue there is nothing game breakingly wrong so why wait .
  13. Shouldn't be too hard to set up with the Editor. I doubt there is one already in the game, not many professional football clubs do very well with zero players .
  14. Quite an interesting notion I might give it a go myself (tho if I also fail I'll manage not to post SS's ).
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