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  1. Really enjoying the ManU project. Season 1 was all about clearing out the deadwood, evaluating the squad & youth and steadying the ship. S1 In Bruno Fernandes £60m Sander Berge £24m Declan Rice £35m Jude Bellingham £20m - feeling like I may gotten "Levy'd" by Birmingham on this one, but he has developed really well. I decided that the current batch of midfielders were all surplus to requirements bar Pogba & McTommy Bruno was the star of S1 putting Pogba to shame and he was head and shoulders above everyone else and really backed up the front
  2. Ahh I love this game sometimes! I've been giving Romero the odd few games as you do, and then this happens
  3. Yeah I messed up and decided to pass on Grimaldo after he agreed terms as Shaw was playing really well in pre season. Sent Rojo out on loan and opted to buy a youthful backup in Pelegrini but when I agreed to buy him I wasn't paying attention and didn't notice he'd join in July 20! So a swift loan recall for Rojo and hoping Dalot will be ok if needed :P
  4. Decided this year to make some time for FM as I've not played much of the last few years. Picked up Man Utd because it's a good challenge to rebuild, especially for a Mancunian Man U fan Like many other's I'm clearing out the dross (Matic & Young) and bringing in better! Went for Bruno Fernandes & Sander Berge to revamp the middle and very pleasantly surprised by both, must recommend them.
  5. haha such a nice turn of phrase and the images of Miles doing a #2 in someones slippers! :0
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