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  1. Correct because I'm right. Just cause you dont like me dont change facts. I watch every game. Just watch goals and Highlights from Mainz game or even Hoffenheim 3-1. What is this if not POSSESSION WITH INTENT or what you like to call it. Counter Attacking? Against team that comes to you and wants to defend? Cologne 69% Berlin 62% AWAY Dusseldorf 70% AWAY Mainz 68% Zenit 64% AWAY Just because people like me and Nagelsmann aren't the average FM player who thinks one tactics wins them all games and they can also defend and counter attack at Bayern, Dortmund or sit back with early or decisive leads like in Paderborn or against Hoffenheim so they have average of 50 something doesnt change what they can do with bad and average teams and that's all because Nagelsmann is awesome possession and play with ball coach.
  2. I watch every single match from RB Leipzig since 2014 season so maybe don't talk loud when you have no idea. Watch games vs Mainz 8-0, Cologne 4-1 and 3-0 after 25 minutes, Paderborn 3-0 after 20 minutes. Teams that just defend and give ball to Leipzig so games where they had big problems with Hasenhuttl and only won because of set pieces with Rangnick. This is POSSESSION FOOTBALL WITH INTENT or verticality or whatever at the very top. Nobody talks about Tottenham game, you know why they can play like this now because they can make Halstenberg as half defender and Angelino as Wingback. When they played 3-5-2 with normal CBs and Halstenberg Wingback against Bayern in August they got destroyed switched to 4-4-2 at HT and dominated should've won.
  3. Lmao people are really clueless and even like that. Just because you go on whoscored or whatever and it says 3-5-2 you aren't smart. I watch every single of their games. I'm not talking about since January where they have Angelino as Wing Back. I'm talking about the stretch after Freiburg loss they only played bad teams and Dortmund in the league and absolutely destroyed everyone with 4-4-2 "possession with intent" football. Could've won 6-7:0 against Paderborn and Cologne as well if they played seriously more than 30 minutes.
  4. Lol trolling? Facts hurt for SI moderator, I see.
  5. You always want balance balance fact is you don't win *** with balance you can maybe at best not underachieve and maybe that's an achievement for people even in easy FMs 19 and 20 but it's crazy that you get mod for spamming this.
  6. Lol this guy says 4-4-2 not good for possession when Leipzig rampaged through defensive low block teams with crazy offensive output and beautiful football.
  7. you are the troll here trying to act like you dont understand? mancity not best team in the world? look here https://understat.com/league/EPL/2019
  8. yes playmaker thats how tikitaka is done bernardo silva, debrunye and david silva for example
  9. I dont know why the guys from sports interactive delete my post just because I show them how unrealistic their game but now Ill show you my tactic and so please tell me why 11 loses from 12 games. This is tactics from pep guardiola the king himself made in this game as good as it gets and mancity is the best team in the world so why 11 loses from 12 games and sacking? Help please
  10. maybe but how can you have crazy issues in your skin so that the games/goals stats are only based on the league games and cup games from the last season? either include all or only league games
  11. When I get the transfer budget in May, does it already include all the instalments that I have to pay (or receive) in July. I have 180 Mio budget and want to buy a player for around 130 now, I fear that in July all the payments for instalments get deducted and then I don't have enough budget?
  12. Terrible customer support here, such crazy issues and nobody cares?
  13. that was part of my guess as well but I remember in earlier games you could just change the resolution but not possible here somehow (and my laptop is already on the highest resolution 1920x1080)
  14. its wrong thread, sorry its YACS skin I posted there as well, it looks totally different than in the pictures, like there's a beautiful section around the picture and stuff and heres nothing.
  15. This skin doesn't look like promised in the start post at all. I deleted all the other skins even and still it looks so terrible.
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