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  1. Hmmm. I've never tried the diamond. Thank you @Totalfootballfan
  2. TFF new 442 please I know it wont be as good but please share thebest you have
  3. @knap haha didn't even think of that. I'll give that a try. Thanks
  4. @knap @RDF Tactics Please do you guys have any good defensive set piece settings? Particularly indirect FKs, i'm conceding a lot from those. Thank you
  5. @Totalfootballfan Please i have a question, i understand you make tactics with the best balance for more or less all kinds of teams to overachieve. However, have you ever made a tactic that will do even better but only for top teams because of their better players? Thank you
  6. wow thats alot of time. we all aprreciate all your efforts to make it easier for us. Thank you
  7. Haha, yea FM20 is abit harder than the former editions. Thanks for the reply. I was just looking for something new
  8. @TFF are you working on a new tactic? or there's nothing coming soon
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