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  1. I don't know if this is against the rules but I'm in a bit of spot. I'm playing in Serie A and I got a player I can't register. No problem I guess, I'll just run the in-game editor and fix that. Well, I'm flat broke and paying 5 dollars for something I'll only use once is a bit mad. Wonder if there's anyone willing to help me load up my save, fix him up, and send it back to me. I've tried to release the lad on a free so I don't have to see the massive abortion of a mistake but the board won't let me do it. Uh, remove this if it's against the rules? Otherwise, the guy's name is
  2. The game is only easy because there isn't much depth to the game at its core. Fiddle with tactics, buy wonderkids, play. The replayability and challenge comes from your own barriers. Do you want to play only youths? Only players in your intake? Try bringing Gibraltar to the world stage? Etc.
  3. Yep, he's currently my left back. He does some insane assists, booting the balls straight from our side for a tidy goal.
  4. Yeah I'm looking at my squad now and it turns out everyone's on the short side. I've got a regen at 1.98 cm but he's an outlier lol. Here are his stats: He's not perfect right now but he's only 19 and I've only had him for half a season. He can certainly play DM/CM but I don't need bodies there now :P I have too many MC's, I had to move a couple of DM's down to CD's. I play 4-4-2.
  5. 3 lol its in the post albeit misspelled aw man that sucks i guess it will free up a non eu spot though
  6. I don't pay attention to height but I realised I've bought a Brazilian midget. He's only 161cm short and has a paltry jumping rich of 3. He's a wonderkid defender and is turning in good performances and I am wondering if this even matters at all.
  7. Wow I'm sweating thinking about 28 players! I don't like having youths hanging around, I like to play them right away... I've personally never fiddled with the squad status haha it hasn't given me any trouble so I never bothered learning about it :P Are your youths OK with being benched? Do their potential/stats drop after years of being benched?
  8. I typically have 22 players, first 11 plus another 11 players who can directly replace and are really good. I play in Italy where matches are super congested, although I also had the same struggles in England where I did the same. I'm wondering if this is the norm? Feels weird to bench a wonderkid every other game just to get that sweet 95% match condition. And also to completely rotate the entire roster. At the same time, every time I start a game the squad seems ridiculously larger. I started with Palermo and they had like close to 30 players? I haven't really had complains about p
  9. The deadwood is always fun to get rid of but I often go overboard and let too many people go :P Cheap transfers are always fun but it's really hard early game when regens are not floating around and you don't really want to just Google for an existing wonderkid. I would love to hear about the supersystem though! For sure, I took over them while they were in Serie B about 5 years into my save. They actually had a lot of good players somehow, absolutely thrashed the league and finished 1st. But I want to take them on fresh while they are in this limbo. What do you think is SPAL's strengt
  10. SPAL is a club in Serie A and they've been there for three years, toeing the relegation line. This season, half the players on their team are loaned from other Serie A clubs. IRL, they are bottom of the table. I've tried a couple of times to stabilise the team but I've found it incredibly difficult. You basically need to replace the entire team with a very limited budget, especially since there's little hope of staying up. Even if you keep the players, they'll be gone in time (either returning to their parent club or being too old to play) and you'll be stranded. I thought this would
  11. I play Bundesliga, and the match he scored the screamer was against Bayern lol. I think yeah his physical is very darn good, but still, I didn't expect him to score anything at all! Do the finishing and long shots stats not matter?
  12. So I just promoted a U19 defensive midfielder because I saw he could play on the wing and needed someone there, but his performance is absolutely baffling. He's somehow scored three goals in the five games he's played, despite his abyssmal finishing and long shots stats. And you know, because he's meant to be a defensive midfielder. Also note his terrible flair. This mean's already level with another striker I had promoted along with him, who is doing absolutely terrible. Just... how? His goals aren't even tap-ins. He once scored a 25 yard screamer from outside of the box.
  13. The only negative that can happen if you accidentally promise them playing time afterwards. Made that mistake and now he's upset I'm not playing him enough even though I'm playing him the same amount as before.
  14. Hey, I'm curious. Is it possible to just grab a bunch of wonderkids from some cheap nations and try to beat the Champion's League before someone else steals them away? I'm on a Bundesliga save and I realised most of my players are young dudes I stop from poorer nations and by the time their wages and value goes up, I've established myself properly and I could deal with their subsequent contract demands. Just a stick of measure, I was bottom third in total wages before I won the CL, afterwards I'm 5th from the top. Wonder if I could adopt this method when I got for a smaller nation.
  15. Got into my first Champion's League and drew... Besiktas, Shakhtar and Legia :P Suffice to say it was a walk in the park... Bonus: Besiktas played Juventus afterwards and actually did really well, got a 1-0 and a 3-0, both against of course.
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