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  1. Because it doesn't swap the teams. I move teams between divisions but when I load up the game, they aren't swapped at all. What's the point of this button if it doesn't actually do what it advertises? The editor even reflects the change but the whole things ends up being a waste of time and a scam. I know I'm a beginner at this, but so many things in the editor is flat-out broken. Unless, of course, there's some obscure hidden thing that this "swap" button does. What does it do? Is it just there to trick people?
  2. I removed the relegaton places for VNL yet the game still relegates them. The editor simply refuses to listen. I have attached the editor file, you can see for yourself and try loading the league. It does not make sense. I am done. FIFA Worst Nations' Club Superleague.fmf
  3. Running into another problem. Trying to prevent teams from being relegated from VNL, essentially making the English pyramid just 5 tiers. I removed the relegation rules, the bottom leagues, but teams are still being relegated. I don't understand this editor. I just don't.
  4. He's useless. Every recommendation he gives me is utterly bollocks. He will ask me to juggle my analysts from role to role, giving them new contracts every other year to switch sides. He will ask me to sign ****** physios or terrible coaches. It's not like he has terrible stats, I've used to editor to transfer the best one to me (all 20's) and he's still coming up with nonsense. SI needs to either sort this staff role out or bin it completely. He's definitely working for my rivals, trying to sabotage my operation.
  5. Unfortunately. I'm trying to do something simpler now — replacing teams in the top 5 English divisions with teams from elsewhere. But I'm encountering a problem with the youth teams, specifically U23 Division 3, when trying to verify changes. It's saying there are too many teams. I think what's happening is the new teams and old teams are somehow in there, but it doesn't make sense. In the database there's 20 — which is how much it wants — but in the "registered teams" there's 18 from the old one (bringing the number to 38, which is how much it's saying there is currently). How do I fix this? I've tried clearing the registered teams but no dice. This is annoying. I don't know how you guys put up with this. EDIT: Well I never figured it out but I just deleted the entire division and that solved it... I guess the lesson learnt is that there can be no problem if you just delete the entire problem-causing league? Would be nice to know what was the actual issue though...
  6. That is confusing lol. The entire editor is confusing.
  7. What's the difference between Teams and Teams For Next Season?
  8. Does anyone know an efficient way as to how I can approach this? I'm thinking I can copy over everything from the English leagues and cups but it's taking a while to do even just one nation. I've got to do the cups as well and the TV money is a nightmare, I'm going to have to shoot myself if I have to modify the figures one by one for each stage of the competition. Also, I'm trying to edit the placement prize money (1st 2nd 3rd) but it's missing, do I have to add the rules manually? Sorry this is a lot of questions, but, basically, I'm hoping someone can point to a general workflow where I can accomplish this with the minimal amount of pain. This is my first time trying to do something like this ): Thanks in advance!
  9. I'm currently really enjoying this World Super League mod I have loaded up. Wondering which save I should tackle next. Are there any other database mods like this one? Can't find much Googling or looking in the workshop, just finding the ones that replicate obscure real-life leagues.
  10. I'm getting my DoF to buy a whole bunch of kids but he keeps telling me the same thing and doesn't do anything, that lazy bastard. How do I tell him to shut up and just buy them no matter what? It's really annoying to see the same message in my inbox and having to manually buy a bunch of people just to populate my youth teams.
  11. All of this makes complete sense, and that was what I've figured they mean from hours of playing the game. So you can understand why it's frustrating and baffling when I don't get any good regens despite spending a lot of time optimising my club for youth intake, even going as far as start a save with maximum everything, and still not getting any good regens.
  12. Past a certain point, it's no longer bad luck but just bad design. If you're the world's leading team with the best staff and great connections in the footballing world, and have been going for a few years, its not realistic to have consistently poor youth intakes.
  13. I've played this franchise for a while now and I've NEVER had any good intakes in what must have been at least 50 seasons. The one time I had consistently good youths was when I was playing Palermo, and I started getting them right from the start even before I had upgraded anything (so I began suspecting that the system was rigged or flawed). Recently I decided to start a cheaty save with Maidstone where I immediately gave myself the best facilities, best staff, as well as a collection of feeder affiliates to see if I can get some godly regens. The results were staggering. In my first season, I got the only good regens — a goalie and a winger, who stayed and gave results even in the Premier League. They were both English! The six intakes afterwards were completely garbage, and all the affiliates did was give them interesting nationalities. I can only conclude that facilities and staff did not matter, affiliates were useless, and best of all, reputation doesn't matter either! I started at one star rep (that's when I got the two good regens), and ended with 3, all along the way the boost in rep did nothing. So I wonder if anyone has actually found out if everything is really cosmetics and RNG and a bit of pre-destiny, or if it's really proven that what the game provides actually helps in any way shape or form.
  14. That would really suck D: To be honest I've no idea how to check or start modifying. The in-game editor doesn't seem capable and I can't figure out the external editor.
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