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  1. Right there in my screenshot, he's only one point more eccentric than my old keeper, at 6. I also thought I needed to "break" him in but 7 games of sub-seven point performance AND in the eighth game he let in 6 goals, I had to give up and scum that game. My old keeper then came in at 50% match sharpness and won it for us. Just to show you how ridiculous it is, I'm now in the play-offs of the Championship table, with a goal deficit of -6 because of his goofiness.
  2. I am absolutely miffed by how this game works. There are a lot of hidden mechanics and I'm struggling to deal with them. I recently got promoted and scored a keeper that looked really good. Take a look. Green is the new guy, blue is my old one: Almost unanimously, green is good right? He even has a height advantage. But he is awful. In just 7 games, he conceded 20 goals. In comparison, my regular has been in 85 games and conceded just 100. At Green's rate, he would have condeded 100 by the time he has played 35 games. It's not even that the new league is tougher. I save scummed a few games to try out both keepers. In each game, Green conceded a crazy amount of goals (4, 5, 6 even one time), while Blue held on to 2 or 1 goal, or even 0, winning it for us. In full match viewings, I could see that he wasn't unlucky, and that he would concede the stupidest of goals. One time, a player was standing right to the extreme right side of the post. He shot a direct kick at the keeper, and Green just fell over backwards and that was a goal. What? So, what the hell am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to look out for? If the stats are blatantly lying to me, who should I trust?
  3. Considered filing this as a bug but it's so minor I don't think it matters: Anyway I think what happened was that I had three AML's, Williams, El-Mhanni, and a third guy called Adams. El-Mhanni got jealous when I bought Williams but when I sold Adams instead, I think he got confused but was at the same time happy his competitor was removed. Ended up giving me a heart attack with this notification thinking I had sold the wrong guy. Adams was actually really good but he kept injuring himself, so off to Norwich he went.
  4. I get the odds thing, but yeah it sucks when you have 2d6 and your player decides to be a ****** and gets a red card or gets injured twenty minutes in and no matter how great your plans were it all falls apart from there. I do home it is as fair a die as possible and it's not "rigged" to automatically roll the dice against you if you were doing too well, or just to spice things up
  5. I'm playing FM19, fourth tier English football. I am trying save scumming to figure out what different tactics do, forcing myself to beat every opponent before I could move on. I thought this would be helpful in understanding tactics, learning what worked, but I instead stumbled across a whole other conspiracy theory. See, what I always do before save scumming is literally saving right before the "start match" button to save time. Sometimes, because I'm dumb, I forget to change up my tactics and instinctively click the button, starting the game right after a fresh load. Now, this causes me to play multiple matches where I've changed nothing, so you would expect the result to be roughly the same. No. I've realised that each time I save scum, the game is DRAMATICALLY different. At first, I thought it was my minor tweaks at the start and during the game, but later, I tried letting the game run with absolutely zero inputs. Just go in, same people, same positions, same opponent. Boom. The results are crazy. So, usually, the first game I play, the result is a dull 1-0, 2-0, with me losing. But for whatever reason, the save scummed second game is always a thriller. 4-4, 5-5, 4-1, 4-2, you know, numbers I've never attained. And these consistently happen whenever I save scum and decide to do nothing, AND only the second game (no patterns from the third onwards). This seems highly improbable and yet at the same time, after doing this for about ten games, I thought to myself — f*** me, this is a mother of a coincidence. So, to sum up with a more general question — how big is luck in this game? I feel like I'm absolutely powerless after witnessing all these wack matches where I sit on my ass and wait. I just need to get the dice roll right, and it just so happens the second game is always my rabbit's foot.
  6. Depends on whether I set "Work Into Box", "Early Crosses", or nothing (as part of experimenting until something works). But generally speaking, we get most of our chances in the box, where we kind of start whacking it about senselessly. Our long shots are awful and so are our crossings, so nothing happens much outside of the box (no screamers in Tier 4 footie I guess). Most of them go off-target, but also an infuriatingly huge chunk of it just bounces off bodies.
  7. Maybe because I'm not looking at it right? I guess another flaw I could see was that we make rubbish pass decisions but I don't know like I said, it's hard to tell if this is just Tier 4 football standards or if there's something really wrong. Because the opponents also make the same mistakes and it kind of just goes back and forth. I mentioned lack of goalscoring threat because that's the most consistent one I've seen. I mean, I can't tell you how much I've facepalmed when we've tried for the 15th time and the shot still bounces off someone.
  8. You know, the funny thing is that I actually have REALLY good possession. Like, I'm top of the table for possession, at 54%. This is why I am so surprised that this is so bad a play that you think it's a joke. I actually even went a game with 80% possession. It's really crazy how the game never tips you off about these things. So that was why I went full offensive. Despite my possession, nobody was scoring anything. This latest attempt was me trying to commit more attackers, more bodies in the box to try to foot the ball in. Because, again, I crazily have the most amount of chances in the league at 12. I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. If it makes you feel even worse, here's a tactic that finally made me win 2-1 over 3rd place team lol: I'll take a look at that thread you mentioned.
  9. I put down my philosophy as "possession" but honestly anything to get a win will be fine for me. To add, I've watched full matches before and the main issue I can identify is lack of threat in the box, lots of blocked shots or balls getting stolen away.
  10. Here we go again! Let's not bore anyone with details. I'm **** at the game, I need to fix tactics, it doesn't matter how many chances I have or how much time I have with the ball. The problem is all me, me, me. Here are your screenshots: Tear into it if you will. Thanks in advance. I've seen enough and am heading for the exit.
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