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  1. @knap, thanks for the suggestion. i will try it with my lazio save. Being having a hard time with HGF 41212 P104. As for training, should i use the one provided by RDF every week or you have better suggestion?
  2. hi @knap, you mean these 2 tactics are the top tactics among all in your list?
  3. Hi @knap @RDF Tactics, I understand that you are running the tactics using instant results. Will it be the reason I am getting different results? Because i am playing every single game not using any holiday mode or instant result. I sim originally. And the results are not really pleasant. the tactics i am testing are as below. But result are really bad and i am playing with Man Utd !!!!!!FM20.4.1KnapKashmir433MUP111VOL5P101ALLCUPS.fmf FM20.4.1Fire_and_WaterVOL24321OXP103EC.fmf
  4. hi @knap , Can you suggest which routine for attack and defend free kicks, corners and throw ins the best?
  5. Currently i am still choosing which tactic to use. but i am trying the Kashmir currently
  6. hi @knap , How do you actually plan your training? even we have passion4fm training it's a lot for us to plan. You meant earlier you used 2 match from FM korea and Chance Creation & Score More Goals when there is only 1 match? What about non-match day and pre-season?
  7. Not sure why you guys having good results with this tactics. For me i am unable to get good result with it. therefore i still sticking with beowulf
  8. Hi @cocomaya, is !!!!!FM20.4.0BEOWULF442WAFKnapSPVOL2P105.fmf from #1442?
  9. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Erm i still could not see the PPG state in it. Do you mean we can see it in ranking tab?
  10. Hi Knap, I am having trouble understand the data in the excel. can you briefly explain the rating recorded? what exactly mean by Elite, top, good, average, poor? And the higher the number the better the tactic?
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