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  1. A New Era in Management

    Good luck to Wor Peter at Newcastle Oh and John Fashanu Gladiators at Millwall - Awooga
  2. [FM09] A Tale Of Two Saxons

    Will you be trying to buy the young Saxon at some point in your managerial career.
  3. Have you not got your assistant manager clicked on Responsible for Arranging Friendlys. If you have your assman might be making the decision for you. Thats all I can think off
  4. Kathmandu are predicted to win the league. If thats the quality of players we got we are in trouble.
  5. What I find strange with how this experiment is working out is that the clubs which have had a few of the starlets playing for them have not been winning many trophies or challenging. Liverpool, Chelsea, Hull and Fulham I think are a few that spring to mind. Then you have Arsenal with one star winning the league and Champions league and Real Madrid with none of these stars winning the Spanish League. To me its not how many stars you have it's how you use them.
  6. Oops sorry my mistake, was trying to steal £25M from somewhere, corrected now. Kathmandu United: Rep: 4,000 = £40M. Capacity: 20,000 = £40M. Training Centre: 7 = £35M. Youth Academy: 7 = £35M. Total spent: £150. £0M left to go into transfer budget
  7. Clubs can spend on the following: Rep: 100 = £1M. Ground Capacity: Each 10,000 = £20M. Training Centre: Each Level (of possible 20) = £5M. Youth Academy: Each Level (of possible 20) = £5M. Any left over can be put into clubs transfer budget. Kathmandu United: Rep: 4,000 = £40M. Capacity: 25,000 = £50M. Training Centre: 7 = £35M. Youth Academy: 7 = £35M. Total spent: £160M. £15M left to go into transfer budget.
  8. CA/PA - 150/200. Name: Chris Burns Nationality: English Date of Birth: 10/5/1979 (55 points to spend on the following) Business: 10 Interference (1point=20 2=19 etc.): 10 Patience: 10 Resources: 19 Person Data (3 at 20) choose from the following Adaptability, Ambition, Controversy, Determination, Loyalty, Pressure, Professionalism, Sportsmanship and Temperament): Determination, Controversy, Loyalty West Papua: Tom Smith (tomsmith1989) Persipura: Perseman: Gibraltar: Fred Brookes (Denther) St. Joseph: Popo curray (coldkohmew) Gibraltar Utd: Harry Brookes (Denther) Juan Fernandez Islands: General Specific (Lardman CDB) Sporting Club Robinson Crusoe: Samuel Otter (Hamuel) Moai o Rapa Nui: Dave Farrow (Dave.) Kosovo: Lawrence Lazewski Jr. (spartans5) Pristina: Gervase Smith (chave) Besa: Gary McNeil (McNeil) Greenland: Angela Lansbury (Blanco) B-67:Archie Smith (SteadfastMeat) Nagdlunguak: Tyler Burrows (Pluckaduck) Falkland Isles: Pablo Aimar (iamjerome) Stanley: Port Louis FC: Haowan Madridstas (Haowan) Nepal: Andrew Jackson (Jack Rudd) - Trinidadian/English Kathmandu United: Chris Burns (babyburns) Pokhara City: Nation Name: Cook Islands - (Hawkini) - FA Chairman -> Chef (Brazilian National) Avarua Utd: Jamie Mitchell (bergtaur) Avarua City: Harvey Melia (Tractor Boy Rv) Nation Name:Liechtenstein- liam ferguson (fergysafc) Club 1:Liechtenstein all stars: Az Toscani (az09456) Club 2: The Liech utd:Liam Fergusom (fergysafc) Nation name: Faroe Islands-Nick Clements (NicKC13573) Club #1: Torshavn United F.C. Club #2: Scandinavia F.C.
  9. Rags to Riches, BSS to EPL

    Name: Chris Burns DoB: 10/05/1991 Position: DC Stats: Passing, Heading, Pace, Tackling, Penalty Taking Nationality: English
  10. I think he is a llm'er.
  11. What Clubs Have Sacked You?

    and Borussia Munchengladbach just now.
  12. What Clubs Have Sacked You?

    Burscough Ibiza Rhyl Bangor Ton Pentre On FM09
  13. Burnsinho Dismayed by the lack of attention he received, Burnsinho did something drastic to get himself noticed by football clubs - he declared himself the world's first keepie-uppie bull runner. Unfortunately, his career was terminated at the first hurdle, as a stray ball struck el toro in the face, enraging the bull into a murderous fury. The bits of Burnsinho they could find were returned to his family. RIP Burnsinho
  14. Is anyone showing any interest in Burnsinho. I have got to start getting some goals soon
  15. Name: Burnsinho Date and Month of Birth: 10/5 Nationality (no more than 2): Ecuador, Chile 5 attributes at 20: Penalty taking, Finishingt, Reflexes, Jumping, Pace PPM: Gets forward whenever possible Preferred foot: Right