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  1. Any tips on converting chances. Having issues with cerber and annihlator. I'm having 20+ more shots a game, 10 + on target, 4-5 clear cut chances and not scoring. If i do score, its an odd goal from a throw in. All the headlines after a match say 'made to rue missed chances', ' wasteful' etc. Really odd as in the last season i was using the same tactic and everything was fine.
  2. Ah ok. I was referring to TFF tactics from this thread. if that's the price you pay for getting good results then fair enough, my results have definitely been good! was just getting annoyed with the number of cards i was getting. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Anyone having a problem with yellow cards? im gettin 4-6 cards a match on 20.4.0 update regardless of what tactic i use and keep getting fined. really annoying!
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