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  1. I watch the press conferences all the time. Are you really suggesting that after 8 years, a journalist asks the same question, word for word? Seeing as you ask, I would change it so the more a journalist gets to know you, they ask questions in a more personal way and the relationship you have with a journalist can affect the questions they ask. If you're friendly with them, they ask questions and the answers you give are printed in the manner with which you respond. He also takes it a little easier on you and can be jokey in the press conference, having a laugh sometimes. If you're not friendly with them and have a bad relationship, they can become known to twist your words slightly and create false headlines, ask more difficult questions over and over and don't share the same sense of humour as you. It's all too robotic and too repetitive and only has an impact on the player's morale really. What managers say has a massive impact on everything now. That's not reflected enough in the game. This is only the tip of the iceberg and there are many, many other ways to change the way they work but all I can think is SI haven't. Why, I don't know but they haven't. Perhaps they feel glitzy new layouts sell, who knows. As I said further on, I did change it... I just feel that's the way the game is going. I'm new to it and that's the impression I get, stars are all important. I get what you're saying and I agree but it's not the way I'd like to see the game progress. Fingers crossed it doesn't. I have to admit it's hard to explain this. The best I can do is this. How would you desribe Gerrard when he played? He was box to box, deep lying playmaker, attacking midfielder and god knows what else rolled into one. In the game, I have to choose a role for him to play in, whether it be any one of those I chose. That's too rigid for me. Then if I want to change the players role ever so slightly so he performs slightly different to the role of a box to box, how do I do that? The options are limited in terms of what can be dited once you choose a role. So if I want to raise a Gerrard , someone who can do everything, how do I do that? How do I instruct a youngster to be a deep lying playmaker but also someone who can get forward and smash goals in? If I tell him to do something with this system, he'll do it and not anything else won't he? How can he break the shackles of the role you define for him and become his own player?
  2. The questions I faced in the pre match press conference regarding the transfer I made were literally, word for word, exactly the same as FM12. How can they not improve after 8 years?
  3. So, first match experience done. Bit of a strange one as obviously I'm used to the slower pace of FM12 and the ball dynamics are certainly not great in there. However, I always felt the player movement and the general human dynamics during movement in FM12 was good. My first concern in FM20 is around the player movement/human dyanamics. Quite frequently my players appeared to be walking slowly (as if strolling down the street) when in control of the ball and an opposition player was near them or even facing them. It didn't seem very realistic at all. It was as if they were mates meeting in the street for a chat but with a ball there! I have been trying to think of a time when I've actually seen that happen in real life and I just can't. Anyone who has played football knows it doesn't feel natural to walk with the ball, it's more of a slow jog when you're assessing your options. My player would be walking with the ball, the opposition player was walking and facing him (within a metre of him) and then completely out of context to his walking action, the opposition player would launch into a slide tackle. Bizarre! I thought the animations would be a hell of a lot better than this by now. Because of the way the players move, I just feel there's no flow at all to the feel of the match. It's all very un-natural. As for the match experience as a whole, not bad. I slowed things down a bit for the second half as before I knew it, the first half was over. Didn't really get a chance to adjust anything because of the default speed being so high in between highlights. Summary would be, graphics aren't bad. Stadiums and players are reasonably represented and have improved slightly. Animations/player dynamics are poor and have gone backwards. The match as a whole felt a bit rushed and hard to assess. We're talking 8 whole years here to get something right. 8 years!! I can't believe how little progress has been made in many aspects of the game. I intend to plod on for a significant length of time now to see what my feeling is after half a season or so. One thing I'm really not keen on in the star based system. Yes, it's always been there in one form or another but it seems to be the leading indicator of who you should choose now. That may seem like a strange criticism, but in my view, it's dumbing the game down. Anyone can shove the player with the best star rating for that system or position in to their team, but shouldn't a manager have to use his intuition and knowledge to choose the best player based on attributes? Not sure if I can change this or make the star system less prevalent in the game but I don't think I can? I'm used to classic tactics and player instructions and defining exactly how I want my player to behave rather than an out of the box 'poacher' or 'ball winning midfielder'. Choosing a role for a position and then assigning a player to said role feels so wrong, far too easy and too rigid. I have a player who is a great CM but can't play as a playmaker for toffee. Should I just find a playmaker for that role? It all seems a little bit 'plug and play' and round object into a round hole, football isn't that simple. There are far more intacacies to it and this system just doesn't feel right.
  4. Thanks, it may be worth considering but I've not tried it yet. I like a lot of the stats and don't mind some of the activities but I'm finding that delegating the majority of them is the way to go for me. Vac didn't have much of a structure in place upon my arrival and now I've hired a decent amount to cover the vacancies it's slightly easier. My biggest point so far would be that all the stats I'm seeing have always been there, they're just being used and displayed more obviously, more forced upon me rather than in the background. I've always known where to find them in the past without having them thrust upon me like this. Speaking of hiring people, it does make you realise just how ridiculous football has become. Head of this and Chief that. It must be a nightmare for the real managers!
  5. So, after being a die hard fan of FM and Champ Manager before it for many years now, I seem to have got stuck with FM12 for year after year. I did try the versions after FM12 purchasing FM13, 14, 16, 17 & 18 but felt the match engines were poor (each to their own in that sense), so stuck with FM 12. I have now decided that my recent purchase of a new gaming laptop means I definitely should switch to FM20. I just thought I'd give feedback on my experience to date as I've always been of the opinion that very, very little changes in FM and actually, they just dress it up differently. By that, I mean the new stuff we see in new versions has always been there but it hasn't always been displayed in the way it is now. So my first experience is that of purchasing a player. For reference I'm managing Vac in the Hungarian Division II. First player bought, press conference before my first (pre-season) game begins. I'm told the presss conference will focus on my new signing. Interesting I thought, I've never had the "preview" of the press conference, but not that impressive really, the game knows what it will ask and always has done. So the questions from the press about my new signing? WOW!! Exactly the same as 8 years ago. EXACTLY!! I honestly couldn't believe it. How is this even possible? I'm quite stunned that absolutely no progress has been made on this aspect of the game in 8 years. It was always repetitive and after a while, quite boring but I just thought FM12 being old hat was to blame. To see the same thing in FM20 is extremely disappointing and quite frankly, an absolute joke. SI really need to raise their game in this department. Anyway, onwards with my adventure. I'll be giving my thoughts on the experiences I encounter along the way should anyone be interested. If not it's no hardship to ignore. If you'd like to add anything and give advice or indeed comment on my thoughts with your own experiences or frustrations then that would be great. I'm not trying to be negative here, I'm trying to give some perspective and give the thoughts of someone who has spent nearly 12,000 hours playing FM12. So far though, I'm finding myself bogged down in irrelevant stuff which is far too detailed and nearly a day in, I've not even played a game!
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